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Untangled tales

Fairytales are magical; filled with legendary characters and well known story plots, but what if the minor characters in these stories were given an opportunity to share their side of the tale?

Kerry Brown’s original tale, B Bear, his parents and a girl called Goldilocks, written exclusively for this year’s Summer Reading Club presents a different perspective of Miss Goldilocks, proving that the age-old anecdote is true, ‘there are two sides to a coin’ and to every story:

B Bear, his parents and a girl called Goldilocks.

Hi, my name’s B. Bear. You would probably know me best as Baby Bear from the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Firstly, let me set things straight.  The B does not stand for baby. That is simply a name I have been branded with ever since Goldilocks told everybody that I was crying and sobbing over my broken chair. Which I wasn’t!

Let me introduce myself properly.
I’m B.A.D –   Bernard Alfred Digby Bear.

Bad Bear or B. Bear for short.

And I couldn’t care less about the chair.
I thought it was time I set the record straight. The word is that the story of Goldilocks entering our house has become somewhat of a fable – a fairytale if you like.  Crazy right?

So, I figured that if it was to enter the world of make believe and fairytale land, then I might as well go on record and tell the story in it’s entirety, not just as Goldilocks told it …… and clear my name.

Because I’m B.A.D.………..Bad Bear… not Baby!

It was the first morning of spring. Crisp, yet sunny. The last of the winter snow was lining the forest paths and new green foliage could be seen smiling towards the morning sun.

The truth is that my family (Papa Bear, Mama Bear and me) had only just woken from our winter slumber. We were a little grumpy (as you are when you’ve just woken up) and very hungry.

Mum had looked in the cupboards only to find that they were completely bare! Let me tell you, bear and bare don’t go so well together after hibernation. All that was left from the winter store was a packet of stale porridge oats. It didn’t matter how much milk or honey we added to them. They were bland. And we were HUNGRY.

Dad suggested we leave the porridge and head to Mother Hubbard’s Café for breakfast instead. There we tucked into plates of hot smoky bacon, pancakes dripping in Red Cedar Honey and bowls of freshly cracked hazelnuts.

Comforted by a belly full of food, we lay underneath the café pine trees and watched the last of the winter clouds drift past.

Unbeknown to us, Goldilocks passed us and saw that we were happily day dreaming away our morning. So, she took the opportunity to pay our house a little ‘visit’ while we were dozing.

Goldilocks was a troublemaker and worst of all – a thief! Everyone in the forest knew it.  She could sniff out an opportunity a mile away and was even known to steal from a baby!

Unfortunately she never got caught.

Goldilocks had an angelically innocent face framed by flowing yellow curls. She was also a brilliant storyteller. If she were caught under suspicion, she would flutter her long eyelashes and then make up an elaborate story that not only made her look innocent, but also made the victims look very silly. Which is exactly what she did to us.

So despite what the final police report says, this is how it all really went down.

The truth is Goldilocks ate ALL our porridge! Not because it was too hot, not because it was too cold but because it was a free meal. Personally I’m glad she ate it. It tasted horrid and I hear she got a terrible tummy ache from it!

We came home to find her slurping down the last mouthful of porridge from my bowl.

On seeing us standing in the doorway open mouthed and speechless, Goldilocks panicked. She stood up from the table and grabbed the chair she had been sitting on. It happened to be mine. She threw it straight at us as she turned to run through the house towards the back door.

The chair clipped Mama Bear on the ankle and then toppled over and broke into pieces. While Dad helped Mum hobble over to the couch, I gave chase and followed Goldilocks, who upon finding that the back door was locked, was now heading upstairs towards the bedrooms.

In the bedroom I managed to grab Goldilocks by one of her locks before karate tumbling her onto my bed. There, we scuffled slightly until the weight of our struggle broke my bed and she managed to escape through my bedroom window.

Of course, I told the police all this in my statement, however, my name is B.A.D. and she has beautiful locks. Who do you think they believed?

You know how the rest of the story pans out.

The truth is that even if the ‘real’ story doesn’t make it to fairytale status, I can at least leave you with this valuable advice.

Never judge a book by its cover! (Because Goldilocks is not as sweet as she looks.)

But most importantly, never judge a book by its title either. (Because although I’m B.A.D –inside, I’m really just a big mushy, cuddly teddy bear!)

Writing Competition Winners

Thank you to all participants who sent in entries to the UNTANGLING TALES: FAIRY TALES EXPOSED writing competition!

Kerry was asked to judge the writing submissions. Here is her response:

Wow! This was a REALLY hard competition to judge. Thank you to all who participated for taking the time to enter and for sharing your wonderful imagination and story telling skills with me. I am blown away. Telling a story is easy. Telling a great story takes time, passion and imagination. Congratulations on doing just that!  Make sure you keep your story. Don’t throw it out. You will look back on it one day (Possibly when you get your first book published) and smile at your efforts and the rewards you reap!


Maddy, 14 QLD
Hannah, 12 NSW
Shikshya, 12 NSW
Shahasadi, 11 NSW
Bernhard, 11 VIC
Anakin, 11 NSW
Eden, 10 NSW
Jack, 6 QLD 


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