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Book birds

  I think next year’s SRC theme should be: book birds! Since you guys did such a great job on the birds this year, it would be wonderful if the birds had a theme to themselves next year!

I Love Reading

  I LOVE the Summer Reading Club so much this year! Posting Book Raves is so much fun and the lorikeets are SO adorable! I suggest that next year you do an electronics and other machines theme next year, making the mascots (computers, phones, etc.) have eyes and mouths.

Great going SRC

  We are excited to participate again this year. We are loving the Curious Creatures. Great going SRC. Thank you for making it even more interesting for us.

Book raves are not updating

  Hi – Just a quick note to say the book raves aren’t updating on the site? We have written 2 but the last update was 7th December. PS we are LOVING the Summer Reading Club!!

Good job!

  I think you did a great job on your rainbow lorikeet this year. You captured all the colours of a lorikeet and you made him so cute! Keep up the amazing work!