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Leigh Hobbs – Mr Chicken, Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and more

Leigh Hobbs is blogging about Mr Chicken, Old Tom, Horrible Harriet and more. Read comments posted by Leigh Hobbs and SRC Club Members, or ask some questions yourself to learn more about the 2016 Australian Children’s Laureate.

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Deborah Abela’s – Discovering Heroes, Villains, Sidekicks and more

Learn more about the world of crafting Heroes and Villains. Visit Deborah’s blog to read comments posted by Deborah and other SRC Club Members, or ask some questions yourself to learn more.

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A Summer of Heroes and Villains in Libraries

Imaginations are being unleashed in libraries this summer. Visit the SRC blog to share what is happening at your library and to see heroes, villains, sidekicks and more  at other libraries across the country!

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Book Raves

SRC Club Members can’t stop raving. Read their book reviews and watch their book trailers.

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Short Story Free Write

Read the fast-paced, action-filled adventure stories written by SRC Club Members across the country.

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What Happens Next – Mick Elliot

Read Club Member story endings submitted to Mick Elliot’s What Happens Next tale, exclusively written for the Summer Reading Club.

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Have Your Say

SRC Club Members feedback about this year’s program.

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SRC Gallery

Check out this summer’s creations from SRC Club members around the country.

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