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cartWe’ve scoured the internet looking for great games for you to play. Why not try them out?


Alpha Attack

Can you save the planet from the alpha bombs? Defeat the threat before our cities are destroyed!

Play Alpha Attack


DC Kids (Australia)

Who are your heroes? Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman too? Then the DC Kids (Australia) site, filled with DC heroes and villains games and activities, is a place for you!

Play DC Kids


Marvel Kids

Calling all superheroes. Marvel Kids is an awesome site filled with Marvel heroes and villains inspired games and activities.

Play Marvel Kids


Prankster Planet

Can you help Jessica and Marcus stop the villains  and save the planet? Try these two adventures on Prankster Planet; Reverse-A-Ball or Wordsuckeruppernator created by PBS Kids.

Play Prankster Planet


Word Mania — Get Lost in a world of Words.

Sign up for 1 month free trial at Literacy Planet.

Play Word Mania


SRC Hall of Games

Untangled Tales – The Cinderella Quest

The fate of all fairydom rests in your hands. Use your detective skills to reclaim all the pieces of the wizard’s golden token. Play the Cinderella Quest, reclaim the missing pieces of the token and untangle facts and trivia about one of the oldest tales of all time–Cinderella.

Play Untagled Tales – The Cinderella Quest game

untangledtales game


Very Simple Animation Editor

Note: This game requires Flash

Play Very Simple Animation editor

Very Simple Animation Editor


The Hidden Library

Note: This game requires Flash

Play The Hidden Library

The hidden library


Jump on Journey

Note: This game requires Flash

Play Jump on Journey

Jump on Journey

Boy on surfboard