Summer Reading Club
space craft special edition 2017

What Happens Next

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Seth woke to find himself in an upside-down world. . .

The snow was in the sky, and the sky was beneath his feet. The skinny crows—no other birds could survive out here—flapped past impossibly, their claws somehow above their bodies. The trees were thick up the top and skeletal at the bottom.

Seth’s head was pounding like a timpani. His face felt puffy and hot.

It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realised the truth. He had been strung up by his ankles. When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he recognised the knots, tied by skilful feminine hands.

Hendra, he thought. I should have seen this coming.

He opened his mouth to call for help, but then he thought better of it. Hendra might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was awake. He might still get the drop on her.

She had left his hands untied. Kindness, or foolishness? It didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip. His laser pistol was gone. His pocket knife? Gone. His emergency transponder?


But she had left him with one weapon. His teeth.

Grunting like a warthog, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles, and started chewing on the rope. It tasted copperish, like blood, and suddenly he realised why. It was his own rope. Hendra probably thought that was funny.

Finally, the last strands of the rope snapped. Seth barely had time to cover his head before he hit the ground like a sack of grain.

He scrambled to his feet, dusted the snow off his shoulders and looked around at the quiet forest. He saw no-one—yet the forest seemed to look back.

‘Alright, Hendra,’ he muttered. ‘Game on.’


What happens next?
That is entirely up to you!

Thank you to all who submitted story endings this summer.

This competition has now closed.

All entries received are being reviewed by Jack Heath.  Winners will be announced late March, 2018.