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Z.F. Kingbolt

Who is Z.F.Kingbolt?

The short answer…

Z.F. Kingbolt has had a varied career including lawyer, scientist, engineer, journalist, biologist, aid worker and teacher, so it took a while to discover that writing books was the best thing ever! A slitherphobe, Kingbolt hates snakes and burnt toast, but loves gaming, technology, geology and skateboarding.

The long answer…

Z.F. Kingbolt is actually the pseudonym for nine authors who got together when Zena Shapter, the founder and leader of our writing group, the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group, suggested we compete in the Write-a-Book-in-a-Day challenge to raise money for The Kids’ Cancer Project. We had so much fun during the challenge, and won ‘National Best Book’ in the challenge too, that when she asked who wanted to do it again we all said, “yes! We are: Zena Shapter (Author, Editor, Editor-in-Chief), Zoya Nojin (Author, Editor), Leah Boonthanom (Author), Tracey Jackson (Author), Tony McFadden (Author), Liz Michell (Author), Mijmark (Author), Kristin Prescott (Author) and Kirsten Taylor (Author).

Getting to Know Z.F Kingbolt

Game On: How did you get into writing?

We met through the Northern Beaches Writers’ Group in Manly, Sydney, and, since writing a book can be lonely sometimes, we thought it might be fun to write one together! On one long winter’s day, we all sat in a room and threw ideas about until the best ones stuck. We wanted to write for children, to write a science fiction / fantasy, and for the story to be relevant for kids today. There were some really crazy ideas as well as some really good ones, and eventually our ideas began to take shape.

What are some of your favourite games to play?

Given the start of Into Tordon, you can probably tell we enjoy online games like Minecraft, Terraria and Clash of Clans. Scrabble and Hangman are among our favourite word games. Solitaire is a great card game for alone time. Monopoly and Cluedo are fun when there are friends to join in. There’s also a ‘folded’ collaborative story-writing game that’s kinda fun: you take it in turns to write a sentence of an imagined story on a piece of paper, only knowing what the person before you wrote, nothing more. Once you’ve written your sentence, you fold the paper over to hide the sentence written by the person before you, then pass it along to the next person. Once you get to the end of the paper, or once everyone’s had a turn, you read it aloud–the story is a secret until then!

Do you have a favourite sport, sporting event or sporting hero?

We love sport! Of course Beth and Zane don’t have much time to play sport for fun in Into Tordon, they’re too busy trying to survive! But they do get to use their favourite sporting skills a lot, and always as a team, including: swimming, orienteering, rock climbing, soccer, sailing, and archery. Sport is a great way to get to know each other!

What kinds of activities do you like to do to supercharge your summers?

Summer is definitely the time to get outdoors! In Into Tordon, Beth and Zane realise just how lucky they are to do that. From bushwalkng to getting lost among the sand dunes, swimming in the sea or a river, sailing and playing riddles, kicking a ball around and playing in a playground – there’s nothing like fresh air and the freedom to enjoy it.

Can you recommend some good GAME ON reads for our SRC Members?

Waer by Meg Caddy, A Toaster on Mars by Darrell Pitt, The Ocean of the Dead by Andrew McGahan and Daughter of Nomads by Rosanne Hawke


To learn more about Z.F. Kingbolt visit their website.

A Creative Tip

Don’t wait to get started!

Don’t wait to get started! There’s no time like today to think about how and what you want to create. Writers are the powerhouse of our nation’s cultural and creative industries, and it’s a privilege to be a part of that. We’d love you to join in – but first you have to make a start!

Hot Off the Press

Z.F Kingbolt’s newest book is now available. Have you had a chance to read it yet?

Book Title: Into Tordon

Publisher: MidnightSun Publishing

Recommended Reading Age: 8–14

Book Description:

Two online gamers discover there’s more to life than winning as they go on an adventure that’s out of this world!

Thirteen-year-old Beth has been waiting for weeks to play in the championship of her favourite online game, Tordon. Now tribes of beastmen roar through her speakers. Game on! She plays to win, until her gaming nemesis Zane challenges her to a real-life risk that has them sucked into a strange world. Here they must push their skills to the limit just to survive!

Discover dangerous creatures, exotic cultures, scientific impossibilities, riddles, advanced technology, challenges, friendship and tolerance in this fast-paced children’s fantasy for 8-14 year olds… Beth and Zane must face them all to survive!

Sneak Peak

Read a few preview chapters now!

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