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Felice Arena

Felice Arena is one of Australia’s best-loved children’s writers. He is the author and creator of many popular and award-winning children’s books for all ages, including Whippersnapper, the bestselling Specky Magee books and the popular Andy Roid series.

I love train trips, travelling and visiting places that could and do end up in my stories. I also enjoy performing and try to find ways to bring my stories to life by using my acting and teaching experience.

In 2013, I was awarded the Koala (Kids Own Australian Literature Awards) Legend Award, which is awesome because it means you guys picked me!

My new series, Sporty Kids: Little Athletics covers the most-loved sports in this country, and features girls as well as boys as the main characters.

To learn more about me and my books why not visit my website!

Fun Facts

  • Felice is pronounced ‘Fe-lee-che’. Felice  is the Italian word for Happy. The English version of Felice is Felix. His nickame is Fleech. Although he’s happy to be called all of the above:
    • ‘Yo, Fleech!’
    • “Hello, Felix!’
    • ‘Ciao, Felice!”
    • ‘Hey, Happy!”
  • Felice was born in the Victorian Country town of Kyabram. He and Garry Lyon (his co-author of Specky Magee) attended the same primary school – where it’s well documented that Felice would often take specky-tacular marks over the top of the AFL great. (“Well documented”… um, fact check, please! )
  • Felice broke the Victorian State Country Swimming record for 50 metres when he was 13 Years Old.
  • Felice is a qualified primary school teacher.  He taught for only one year before landing the role of Marco Alessi in the hit Aussie soap opera Neighbours.
  • Felice eats an apple every day.
  • When going out for gelato Felice will always order the same flavours – lemon and chocolate – except if the gelataria happens to have Sicilian Cassata. Sicilian Cassata always trumps  ‘limone e cioccolato’
  • Felice is a good friend of KIDS WB on  the Go Channel. You might often see him as a guest or guest presenter. Did you catch his funny Book Week interviews with fellow authors/illustrators?

These fun facts are from Felice’s more about me page on his website.

Hot Off the Press

Felice Arena’s newest book is now available. Have you had a chance to read it yet?


Book Title: Sporty Kids: Little Athletics

Publisher: Puffin

Recommended Reading Age: 6-8

Book Description:
Lucy willed herself to run faster. But the girl was sprinting ahead of her! This can’t be happening, she thought. Lucy loves being a champion at Little Athletics. But what if she can’t win first place?

Sneak Peak

Read a few preview chapters now!

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