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Deb Fitzpatrick

Deb Fitzpatrick has spent most of her life in Western Australia, apart from four years living in the cloudforest of Costa Rica, where she constantly looked up at the giant trees in search of sloths.

Deb is the author of six novels and has 487 more on the go, some of which may never get published.

She is also a mum and her two kids are a wonderful source of stories and ideas for her books and characters, though she strenuously denies this whenever asked. Deb loves bushwalking in Australia’s many beautiful national parks.

She wishes she had time to read more books!

Getting to Know Deb Fitzpatrick

Game On: How did you get into writing?

I loved reading as a kid, and had some wonderful teachers who encouraged my early writing attempts at primary school. In high school I was lucky again to have an amazing teacher who helped me put together my first book, a volume of poetry. Then, at university, I met some exciting young writers and that was a time of stretching my creative wings and really trying out some new things in my work. I never looked back.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, secretly, but I never ever thought I would actually become one. I think I thought you had to be a different species to become a writer – it didn’t happen to normal people!

What are some of your favourite games to play?

Board games: Scrabble, Pictionary and Cluedo. Other games: charades and laser tag.

Do you have a favourite sport, sporting event or sporting hero?

The summer Olympics and all the wonderful and varied events that happen within it every four years!

What kinds of activities do you like to do to supercharge your summers?

Swimming, walking along the beach, swimming again, stopping for an icecream, another dip, then a quick walk along the beach, then I’m hot again so oops, better have another swim! That kinda thing.

Can you recommend some good GAME ON reads for our SRC Club Members?

To The Lighthouse by Cristy Burne, A Single Stone by Meg McKinlay, The Shark Caller by Dianne Wolfer, Cogheart by Peter Bunzl, Charlie and the War Against the Grannies by Alan Brough, The Bolds by Julian Clary


To learn more about Deb visit her website.

A Creative Tip


Perseverance is my power tip: keep writing (don’t give up!), keep reading, write more, read more, revise fifty thousand times, and keep scribbling.

Hot Off the Press

Deb Fitzpatrick’s newest book is now available. Have you had a chance to read it yet?

Book Title: The Spectacular Spencer Gray

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Recommended Reading Age: 9–12

Book Description:

Spencer Gray is just an ordinary kid, but he manages to get into some pretty extraordinary situations. When Spencer stumbles on a sinister operation in the bush, his life goes into overdrive – midnight rescue missions, super-endangered animals, hair-raising adventures. To survive, Spencer will need to pull off something spectacular.

Sneak Peak

Read a few preview chapters now!

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