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Cosentino is now regarded as one of the world’s leading magicians and escape artists.

He is the multiple winner of the prestigious Merlin Award (the Oscar for international magicians) and is the highest selling live act in his home country, Australia.

Cosentino’s four prime-time TV specials have aired in over 40 countries and he has toured his award-winning live shows to full houses across the world.

This year the Summer Reading Club welcomes Cosentino and Jack Heath to the Celebrity Corner. Cosentino and Jack worked together to write a new series of books titled The Mysterious World of Cosentino, filled with magic, escape and adventure.

Getting to know Cosentino

When I was twelve years old, I never liked reading. It was hard and it didn’t come as easily to me as it did to other kids.

I was really struggling at school, and one day I stumbled across
an encyclopaedia of magic in the library. Suddenly I wanted to read!

I was totally absorbed in the book, and not just the diagrams and step- by-step guides. I had found something I was passionate about and magic has fascinated me ever since.

For years I’ve had this idea for a children’s book bouncing around in my head. A world where there are unique characters and lands, where magic is banished and differences are celebrated. I wanted, not only kids who love reading, but those like me, kids who dreaded it, to get caught up in a fantasy. To have their imagination run wild with superheroes, special powers, incredible illusions and escapes, dangerous action scenes and exciting illustrations.

The characters in The Mysterious World of Cosentino live in Magicland where magic is real (who doesn’t wish that were true?!). Their unique magical abilities are suppressed by an evil two-headed King. But despite that, Cosentino, the Grand Illusionist, and his friends, carry on performing illusions and escapes. They give ordinary people a night of amazement, thrilling them in their run-down old Copperpot Theatre, in defiance of the King.

I wanted to make something that I know I would have loved when I was a kid. I hope you enjoy reading The Mysterious World of Cosentino as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Remember . . . anything is possible.

Cosentino, the Grand Illusionist

Creative Tip

Anything is possible

Find something you are passionate about. Let it fascinate you, excite you, inspire you!  Remember, anything is possible.

Hot Off the Press

Cosentino’s newest book is now available. Have you had a chance to read it yet?

Book Title: The Mysterious World of Cosentino: The Missing Ace

Publisher: Scholastic

Recommended Reading Age: 9–11

Book Description:

Dangling on a burning rope while chained above a tank full of hungry sharks… there’s only one hero who can beat those odds… COSENTINO, THE GRAND ILLUSIONIST!

Cosentino’s performances at his run-down old theatre attract the wrong kind of attention when the Ace of Spades dashes through the door, begging to be saved from the clutches of the evil two-headed King! When Cosentino is captured, he’s thrown into the dungeon at the bottom of the castle, from which no one has ever escaped. This would be the trick of his life…if he can pull it off!

Sneak Peak

Read a few preview chapters now!

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