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Brendan Ritchie

Brendan Ritchie

Brendan Ritchie

Brendan Ritchie is a writer and filmmaker from Fremantle, WA.

His debut novel Carousel explores everyone’s worst nightmare – or maybe greatest fantasy – what would happen if you found yourself trapped inside a giant shopping centre?

Carousel was a big hit with both readers and reviewers. The book was longlisted for a 2016 Gold Inky Award and its sequel, Beyond Carousel, is due out in October.

When he’s not writing Brendan spends his time lecturing across a range of creative disciplines.


Getting to know Brendan Ritchie

How did you get into writing?

I actually started out in filmmaking. This was the first thing I studied at university and I used to spend all of my spare time making crazy short films. Then I started developing an interest in screenwriting. For me this was the most exciting part of filmmaking, it was just me and my ideas – everything was possible. From here, making the jump into writing books seemed like a good idea.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

I could never really find a regular job that I liked, and I always had a lot of ideas, so I think the combination of those two things probably pointed me towards a career in writing for a long time.

When you think Heroes and Villains, what books/characters come to mind?

I like everyday heroes like Ellie in Tomorrow, When the War Began and Ponyboy in The Outsiders. Characters who are just regular people forced to deal with really intense scenarios. I think that overcoming these things – without superpowers or anything like that – is heroic and inspiring.

As for villains, you can’t go past President Snow in The Hunger Games.

In your mind, what is one characteristic that separates a hero from a villain?

I think that heroes and villains can actually be pretty similar in that they are driven by a want for something. In the case of villains this want can be consuming and corruptive. So I think that one thing that separates heroes from villains is probably judgement. Knowing what to strive for – and what not to.

What are you reading right now?

Right now I’m reading the final installment in Justin Cronin’s Passage trilogy. It’s an epic story about a girl who saves the world from a freaky vampire outbreak. Super scary, but chocked full of so much great writing.

For more information visit Brendan Ritchie’s website.


Chemistry setBrendan’s Creative Tip

My advice to aspiring writers is to be brave and send your work out into the world at every opportunity. This can be pretty terrifying (even for established writers!) but is so important. It will result in feedback, praise and enable you to move on to future projects with a clear and positive mind.


Hot Off the Press

Brendan Ritchie’s newest book is now available. Have you had a chance to read it yet?


Beyond Carousel by Brendan Ritchie

Beyond Carousel

Book Title: Beyond Carousel
Publisher: Fremantle Press
Recommended for: Ages 14+

Description of Book: Nox, Tylor and :ozzie have just escaped a nightmare. After months of being trapped inside a shopping centre they are finally free. Free to roam the streets of Perth and free to solve the mystery of what happened outside the doors of Carousel.

But the city is not like it once was, and the dangers are far from over. Loots lurk in the empty streets and packs of dogs are never far behind. Saving those they love will mean risking everything – and time is running out.

This is the thrilling sequel to Carousel.

Visit the book website.


Sneak Preview

Read a few chapters of Brendan’s book.


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