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Hendra’s Folly

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Callan | 9 NSW


Seth shivered, and it wasn’t just the cold.

The thought of Hendra waiting in between the tree trunks really scared him. As he gained his bearings, he saw it. His laser, lying amidst the grove of gnarled trunks.

As he walked forwards to retrieve it, he wondered if it was all a trap, a lure to bring him in. But he chided himself, it was far too late to turn around and run now – he was already among the bushes.

He darted forward and grabbed it, checking for damage, then was off at a run, ducking the low branches and dodging the various bushes looming before him.
The forest itself seemed to be resenting him, trying to trap him in its maze of snow, trees and dead bushes, but still he ran, fuelled by his anger and the thoughts of revenge flitting around in his head.

Soon he found evidence he was on the right track – the broken twigs, snapped and bent undergrowth and footprints were a pretty good hint.

Although Seth didn’t notice, the forest around him was growing less forbidding step by step and he snow, also, was less slippery and easier to walk through.

He eventually emerged into a glade, and there was Hendra.

She had her back to him, apparently setting another trap, but he saw.


She spun round looking guilty, but quickly hid it.

“Back off!” she snapped, as Seth took a step forward and she stumbled backward – straight into the trap she had prepared for Seth.

When Seth walked out of the ring of trees a short time later, someone was hanging from their ankles, unconscious.

And it wasn’t him.

An upside down world

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Elinor | 9 SA


Seth started to run. But he found himself spinning spinning, he couldn’t stop.

Then everything went black. But it was strangely warm.

He could see colours now.

Then lines.

It couldn’t be his bedroom. But it was.

Then he went back to sleep.

Staring at him was Hendra, the annoying girl next door.

Mad Libs

Posted on: December 22nd, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Henry | 11 VIC


Henry woke to find himself in an amazing world.

The snow was in the sky, and out here-flying past impossibly, their claws somehow above their bodies.

The trees were thick up the top and thin at the bottom. Henry’s head was pounding like a heart.

His hands felt sweaty and hot. It wasn’t until he tried to move that he resided the truth. He had been climbing up by his ankles.

When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he recognised the knots, tied by clean feminine hands.

Tracy, he thought.

I should have seen this coming. He opened his book to look for help, but then he thought better of it.

Tracy might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was struggling.

He might still get the drop in her. She had left his hands unscathed.

Kindness, or foolishness? If didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip. His sword was gone.

His shield? Gone. His emergency medkit? Gone.

But she had left him with one weapon. His stick.

Grunting like a bull, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles, and started strong in the rope.

It tasted disgusting, like sweat and suddenly he realised why.

It was his own sweat. Tracy probably thought it was hilarious.

Finally, the last strands of the rope broke.

Henry barely had time to cover his face before he hit the ground like a sack of potatoes.

He stood to his feet, dusted the snow of his chest and looked around the dark forest.

He saw no-one-yet the forest seemed to look back. ‘Alright, Tracy’ he muttered.

‘Game on.’

What Happens Next?

Posted on: December 22nd, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Frankie | 11 VIC


Seth looked around the forest. There was no one there. As he turned around a face with two gleaming eyes were glaring at him.

Hendra, he thought.

“So, you think you are so smart Seth. Yet, you don’t know that I am always one step ahead of you. Why don’t you just turn around,” cackled Hendra.

He turned, and saw something that would mentally scarred.

Then he fell.

What Happens Next?

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Aanchal | 12 VIC


When Seth wakes up he realises it was only a dream!

What happens next?

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Rithika | 11 WA


Hendra has just woken up from a nice nap. She realised that she should go check on Heth. Hendra quietly tiptoed from her hideout to the Forrest, where the snow lay heavily. Soon Hendra’s face had turned from an evil smile to a staggered frown. Hendra was left astonishingly shocked!! Heth had disappeared!!

On the other hand Heth had been looking for Hendra’ s hideout. After looking for 1000 hours Heth had finally spotted Hendra’s hideout. Her hideout was made out of lots of big leaves bunched together and a few twigs here and there. On the front of the hideout there was a sign saying ‘ PLEASE DO NOT ENTER.’ But Heth did not obey Hendra’s rules, he just went in.

In Hendra’s hideout he found all her weapons as well as his laser pistol, pocket knife and emergency transponder! He wasn’t surprised to see that, it was obvious that Hendra had stolen it.

In Hendra’s hideout, Heth had also found Hendra’s favourite diamond ring. It looked very pretty, but there wasn’t time to stare at it. “Boom,”an idea had just hit Heth’s head. Heth’s idea was that he would insert a tracking camera in Hendra,s diamond ring. He took the precious diamond ring from the stand and rushed back to his hideout. He fixed the camera in the ring and hurried back to Hendra’s hideout. Luckily Hendra wasn’t back yet. He placed the diamond ring back in the same place and went back to his hideout ready for his next plan

A few hours late Hendra was back at her hideout and Hendra was very stressed und unhappy because Heth had disappeared. She put her special diamond ring on because it gives her good luck. But as soon as she pug that ring on shed realised that The laser pistol, pocket knife and emergency transponder that she had stolen from Heth had disappeared. She new that the only person who would of stolen it was Heth. That meant Heth was near somewhere and he disobeyed her rules of not entering her hideout.

Meanwhile Heth dad been watching Hendra and what she was saying with his detecter that was connected to the camera in Hendra’s diamond ring. His next plan was all ready!

Hendra was trying to make a plan to trap Heth and then this really helps nice smell went into Hedra’s nose. She couldn’t resist it so she followed the smell. Heth also saw this with his detecter. As soon as Hendra went to where her nose told her to go she couldn’t believe her eyes. Right in front of her eyes were a plate of chocolate brownies and vanilla ice cream!!! She stepped on to the platform were it was and in a flash she realised she wasn’t standing in the snow, she was in a dark place.

She realised it was a trap and she had fallen from the platform. This was all Heth’s plan she shouted frustrated. In a minute Heth had arrived and was looking down at Hendra with an evil look. Hendra begged and begged to Heth, she even said that she would stop fighting with him and be best friends. Heth believed this and rescued Hendra.

Soon, Heth was in shock! Hendra was being very mean to him and then he realised it was another trick. They challenged each other that they would trap the other person and that they would never be rescued. They kept fighting and quariling…

Watch out, Hendra!

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Grace | 11 NSW


Seth had never trusted Hendra.

There was something about her. Her uncanny ability to make up excuses, the way she could slither her way out of trouble with her sweet smile and innocent words.

He could tell–Wait, what was that!

A flicker of movement. Seth span around. Footprints in the snow! It had to be her.

Seth followed the footprints until he got to a large clearing. Trees surrounded him on both sides.

Too quiet. He thought. He took a step, and fell.

When Seth woke up, all he could see was darkness.

And then, a noise. It was only faint, but it was enough to know that somebody was in here.

Stealthily, Seth stood up. He followed the faint noises quietly.

Eventually, he saw a light.

‘Yuck!’ A putrid smell wafted around him.

‘What is this? The sewer- A figure! Bent over a computer! Hendra!

The Idol

Posted on: December 20th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Sofia | 11 NSW


Seth looked around. Boot prints. Big boot prints. Hendra always underestimated his skills as a tracker. He followed the prints, with only one thing in mind: revenge.

Seth and Hendra’s rivalry went back years. They were both explorers, both determined to go down in history, and both ruthless. But neither of them had ever attempted to find something as difficult as this. The golden idol of Bohlale. Some said it brought the dead to life, others said it gave you great riches. Some people even thought it made the owner immortal. One thing was for sure: Seth could not let Hendra take it.

Seth trudged on, shivering from the bitter cold. The climate in Kaltland was terrible. He much preferred his homeland, Ainakola. There it was warm and sunny, with cool blue waves and delicious ice cream. He drooled at the thought. Then he snapped himself back into reality. He had to stay focused. Kendra was probably miles ahead of him by now. Then he saw it. The markings. To others, they simply looked like shapes upon the ground. But Seth knew better. He stood in the middle where the lines intersected. Instantly, the structure sunk into the ground. He was in.

Seth looked around. He appeared to be in a cool, dark stone passageway. The only sources of light were heavy wooden torches, whose flames glowed in the darkness. Seth saw inscriptions all over the walls. They appeared to be in many different languages. He saw one in English. “Do you dare to enter the maze?” “I do,” declared Seth. “Game on!”

Seth knew the trick to getting through any maze. You simply keep your hand on one side on the wall. Then, once you have reached the end, you simply switch sides. Seth had to evade many traps to reach the end of the maze, but finally he did.

Seth stepped into a round chamber glittering with precious jewels. It had inscription of many creatures, tame and lying on blankets, or ferocious and battling hunters. He took no notice of this, however, as the thing in the centre of the room transfixed him It was a dome of dark black obsidian, and hovering just above it was a golden idol of a woman standing with her hands by her sides, and her eyes were entrancing. There was an inscription on the obsidian, which said “Komdu ekki nærri, eða þú skalt vera bölvaður til að taka þátt í öskunni sem allt var búið til.” Seth had no idea what these words meant, but he guessed it was some sort of clue to what the idol’s powers were. He reached out, when from the darkness, Hendra appeared.

“The maze may have delayed me, but that idol is mine!” Hendra’s long, slender fingers stretched out over the idol. All of a sudden, Seth had a sudden flash of inspiration, and relized that the words weren’t a clue: They were a warning. “No!” he cried out to Hendra, but it was too late.

Seth could only watch as Hendra howled in pain and crumbled to ashes. He picked up her bag, and left the cave in silence. He wandered along realizing that could have been him. He walked out of the labyrinth. Then he heaved a heavy stone over the entrance. No one would ever make the mistake that Kendra did.

Seth beats Hendra, Hendra Fades

Posted on: December 18th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Dezirae | 6 SA


Seth and Hendra started playing tricks on each other.

Seth saw a battlefield, it was Hendra’s battlefield.

Seth was annoyed. He hoped that Hendra would lose if he battled her on the battlefield because he knew Hendra probably put some booby traps on the battlefield, so he could win.

Seth went up to ask if he wanted to battle, Hendra knew he would win if she didn’t cheat, so she cheated!

And Hendra lost by cheating! Seth was surprised, her booby traps didn’t work, so he just kept on looking for enemies. But Hendra was faking!

She put booby traps on Seth’s battlefield! Hendra’s was covered in snow so she went to her castle and her battlefield.

Now the battlefield was covered in weapons and the weapons were covered in snow and the snow was covered in the battlefield!

The battlefield was gigantic!

What Happens Next!

Posted on: December 18th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Max | 8 SA


Hendra heard Seth bump on the ground.

She found a freeze ray at the same time as Seth did.

They froze each other at the same time. And died of old age.