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Run to Freedom and Revenge: The Final Ending

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Jack | 11 QLD


Seth was so hungry and so close to death he was imagining things.

He imagined giant worms coming from underneath the ground, he imagined he would not see Hendra again because she was caught.

Seth’s mind was playing tricks on him and in the mirage in his mind he saw a house. He walked down the road and into the house where he looked into a window. Seth saw a fridge and a tap. He broke in through the cracked glass of the window and opened the fridge. He started eating bits of food but it wasn’t food it was scraps. Seth went to the tap and started to drink the water, but in reality it was mud dripping from the tap.

When his mind began to see things without being a mirage Seth walked down to the road until he reached a city. He walked to a police station and told the police that Hendra had tied him up and left him to die alone. “Who is Hendra?” the police asked Seth. He told them Hendra stole his gear and was a thief so then the police captured Hendra and put her jail. As time went by Seth found out that Hendra worked for the government labs but she wasn’t as smart as Seth and she wanted Seth’s job.

In a couple of months Seth went to visit Hendra in a jail to say sorry to her. He told her he found out what had happened at the government labs and wanted to give her job back to her. The two government lab workers would work together again one day and try to use the genius ways they tried on each to capture the bad guys.


Defeating the Aliens

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Abbey | 11 VIC


Seth turned and ran towards the house, “I must save the Fairy Princesses before the aliens descend upon them. Clearly the aliens have have already got to Henda.” he exclaimed.

Despite the snow and fresh air, Seth was puffing and short of breath. “Out of energy already?……with no fuel, no emergency transponder no pistol and no pocket knife, How could I possibly be prepared to fight the aliens?” he said, wearily.

Seth rummaged in his pockets in search of any other useful gadgets – the poisonous lollies that the aliens concealed within the Piñata, that he stopped the fairy Princesses from eating. “Surely though it wouldn’t hurt if I just had one or two, and plus a little lolly that the aliens might have tempered with, won’t hurt me!” he blurted.

Seth chose one with MILKY WAY written on the front. “Surely aliens from a different galaxy wouldn’t dare to tamper with a chocolate from our galaxy.” Seth bit into it, ‘Mmmm chocolate moose, yummy, I think this bit was taken from the antlers.” he proclaimed!

Seth was filled with energy, he turned up the jet boosters on his shoes and sprinted towards the house. “Now I’m ready to defeat the aliens and save the Fairy Princesses.” He reached the front door and flung it open. He could hear the Fairy Princesses laughing in Hendra’s room. He followed the laughter as it got louder. Finally, Seth reached the doorway. The fairy princesses were all staring at him with cheeky grins. Hendra directed Seth towards the mirror on her desk.

Now Seth was fuming. His sister had painted his face whilst he had fallen asleep. All he had done was try to save and protect them from the alien invasion, and this is how they repaid him?

“Where is my emergency transponder, my pistol and my pocket knife?!” Seth shouted.

“You mean your socks your Nerf gun, a silly Texta, honestly Seth, how many times have I told you? They’re not real and neither are the aliens! Now stop it your ruining my birthday!” retorted Hendra.

Now all of Hendra’s friends were laughing at him “How embarrassing,” Seth thought.

Just at the right moment Dad appeared…”What’s going on?”

Before Seth had time to open his mouth and explain, Hendra blurted it out.

“Seth is ruining my party with his stupid alien imagination.”

Seth opened his mouth to argue but again he was cut off, this time by his Dad, “Don’t worry Seth there are no more aliens here. They came whilst you were sleeping and I fought them off.” Dad must have noticed Seth’s disappointed face so he quickly added, “If you really want to help, you can come and finish off some of the scuzz they left behind, surprisingly it tastes just like ice-cream.”

Seth wouldn’t say no to a bowl of alien scuzz and guts, he rushed to Dads side, following him to the kitchen, he couldn’t wait to taste alien scuzz and guts!

The Twist in the Tale

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Sarah | 12 SA


Seth woke to find himself in an upside-down world. . .

The snow was in the sky, and the sky was beneath his feet. The skinny crows—no other birds could survive out here—flapped past impossibly, their claws somehow above their bodies. The trees were thick up the top and skeletal at the bottom.

Seth’s head was pounding like a timpani. His face felt puffy and hot.

It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realised the truth. He had been strung up by his ankles.

When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he recognised the knots, tied by skillful feminine hands.

Hendra, he thought. I should have seen this coming.

He opened his mouth to call for help, but then he thought better of it. Hendra might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was awake. He might still get the drop on her.

She had left his hands untied. Kindness, or foolishness? It didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip. His laser pistol was gone. His pocket knife? Gone. His emergency transponder?


But she had left him with one weapon. His teeth.

Grunting like a warthog, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles, and started chewing on the rope. It tasted copperish, like blood, and suddenly he realised why. It was his own rope. Hendra probably thought that was funny.

Finally, the last strands of the rope snapped. Seth barely had time to cover his head before he hit the ground like a sack of grain.

He scrambled to his feet, dusted the snow off his shoulders and looked around at the quiet forest. He saw no-one—yet the forest seemed to look back.

‘Alright, Hendra,’ he muttered. ‘Game on.’

Seth walked down a path looking for Hendra. Instead, Hendra found him!

“Ha. I’ve been waiting for you to come. I knew you would escape. I have a surprise for you.”

what would it be? probably something terrible. maybe she would lock him up in a big room full of all things scary and horrible? he might as well get it over and done with.

Hendra came over and gave Seth a box. not a bad box. actually, it was a wrapped box.

” is this a trick? is a snake going to jump out and bite my nose?”

”just open it.”

Seth opened the box. inside was a teddy bear. HIS teddy bear. he had lost it when he was two.

“where did you get it?”

” I was there when your house caught on fire, and everyone inside died, except for you. I wanted to return it to you because I felt sorry for you.”

“trying to get rid of me is a weird way to do it.”

“you see, I didn’t recognise you, you’ve grown. I tried to defeat anyone who came near me – believe me.

I never would’ve hurt you if I knew it was you. I could only tell it was you after because I saw your scar.”

“You know, I will never understand you but I love you”. “Me too, but about you.”

War Games

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Tessa | 13 VIC


The sound of an approaching helicopter drew Seth’s eyes upward. The sparse limbs of the gums above were lightly intertwined and cloaked in white.

Through a part in the branches he could make out the unmistakable army green of the Australian Defence Force.There was no doubt that that helicopter held Chris, the warrant officer, who had addressed squadron H yesterday at 0600 hours. Seth recalled his words with a distinct lack of enthusiasm.

“Greetings squadron H. This morning at 0530 hours aircraft H69G7 crashed on the summit of Staircase Spur. This was a staged plane crash and no one was injured, but the ten of you were on that aircraft and will now have to work together to get to the five drops which contain supplies crucial for your survival over the next 48 hours. It is winter and Mt Bogong is known for its catastrophic blizzards, so you need to be aware of the location of the emergency huts which are available to you”.

The warrant officer distributed ten copies of a map.

“All the information that you need is located on this map. Please assemble into your respective teams as indicated”.

The officer paused momentarily as the two groups broke away from each other. He looked at Hendra and winked. Seth glanced slyly at the top corner of her map, ‘A’, and compared it with his own… ‘B’. His shoulders slumped.

“Tomorrow meet me at checkpoint Y14 at precisely 1900 hours. Do not be late”.

Seth, holding the officer accountable for putting himself and Hendra in different groups, gave him a sour look. The officer turned away from the squadron and melted into the trees, ignoring Seth’s cold gaze and leaving his footprints as the only clue of his previous presence…

The whir of the helicopter blades slicing through the cold mist, dispersed Seth’s thoughts and brought him back to the current task at hand. He glanced down at his watch. 0800 hours. That meant he had less than half a day to find his squadron and get back to the final checkpoint.

A sudden, violent rumble from Seth’s stomach reminded him just how long ago he had eaten. He decided that he needed to find some food.

Seth knew that his squadron had already obtained the first three drops and that they were planning to get drop number five next. Drop four was located just below Mt Bogong’s summit. He had a serious hike ahead if he wanted to capture the drop and make it back down the slope to meet the rest of his squadron before 1800 hours…

Shivering from cold and weak from hunger, Seth was pulled hastily from his thoughts as the warble of a magpie flying overhead stopped, mid-song. The branches of the Mountain Ash above seemed to freeze, unmoving in the breeze. Their tips stretching endlessly upwards into the grey and heavily burdened clouds above. All the sounds of the surrounding thicket were hushed as the solid crunch of boots echoed through the valley.

“One, two, three, four… One, two, three, four”.

The deep voice leading the march had to scream to be heard over the slosh of many boots in the melting snow. The impending footsteps halted momentarily.


Increasing in sound, the footsteps advanced. Seth was covered in snow and had nothing but his backpack, which contained a map, a broken rope, and an empty flask. He knew that if he was seen by anyone he would be the laughing stock of all the squadrons in Victoria and would most likely be dobbed into the warrant officer for separating from his assigned team.

Seth hoisted his backpack onto his shoulders and ran into a thick cluster of shrubs. He crouched within, hoping that his concealment was good enough to pass any prying eyes.

“Our drop should be here somewhere,” exclaimed a member of the team.

Leaves crackled and snow crunched as five pairs of hands and feet searched through the surrounding saplings.

After some time an exasperated voice yelled over the whispers of her companions, “Sam. Give me another look at the map”.

Seth was all too familiar with this voice. He listened as the paper was unfolded and recollected the last time he had spoken to Hendra…

“Seth, how many times do I have to tell you. You have got to stay with your squadron”.

“I know, Hendra. You are from my squadron”.

He smiled as she rolled her eyes and continued to walk towards the rest of her team.

“Hendra. Wait up”.

Hendra ignored him, continuing to pursue her fellow teammates.

“Hendra. Why don’t we forget this activity and walk together. Just me and you. We could follow the trail up to the summit of Mount Bogong, find a drop and have a feast…”.


Hendra stopped and turned.

Glaring straight at him, she spoke in a menacingly quiet voice. “Unlike you, the Cadets means a lot to me. I want to be apart of the Air Force and do something legendary for my country. I need to be promoted to Corporal and this is my only chance. If you continue to follow me I am going to have to tie you to a tree. I should be leading my team, not entertaining you. I didn’t join Cadets to get to know you or anyone else here. I joined to learn and you are getting in my way”.
With that, Hendra turned and strode off, without even as much as a goodbye. Seth laughed.

“Very funny Hendra. I know you love me. Come on. Face the truth. You can’t get enough attention from me”.

Hendra swung around. Her face, a heated red, stared back at him. Seth wished he could take back his previous words…


Irate, she charged.

Seth gasped, surprised at Hendra’s strength, as she dived at his ankles and flipped him upside down. Seth’s vision blurred.

He woke, hours later, hanging like a bat.

“This is sooo frustrating!” Hendra’s sharp tones brought Seth back to the present moment. “We are supposed to be at V19 not Y19”.

Seth listened as Hendra crumpled the map in her hands and marched back in the direction she had just come. Her squadron trudged after her, cold, dismayed and hungry.

After four hours of consistent uphill hiking Seth reached the summit of Mt Bogong. Tired, sore and stiff, he retrieved his map from his backpack and studied the coordinates of his location only to realise that he was on the opposite side of the mountain to where he should be.

Hoisting his bag back onto his back he continued along the trail, passing through a thick outcrop of glacial rock. Above, an eagle circled, waiting for its prey. Seth realised how isolated he was, standing on the tip of Mount Bogong looking out onto a field of trees and below the small village of Myrtleford, without a phone, emergency transponder or anything to connect him with anyone else surrounding the mountain. He longed for the company of his squadron and picked up his pace.


Finally after what seemed like hours, Seth made it to the drop. He had had to search for a full twenty minutes to find the box, which was camouflaged by the brown bark of the Eucalypts and the rocks that lay scattered on top of the incline.
Seth removed a warm padded jacket from the box and draped it across his shoulders. He emptied the rest of the contents, which ranged from bottled water to cans of tuna and beans, into his backpack, but not before completely devouring a tin of baked beans.

Seth then made his way slowly down the mountain, weary and longing for his bed.

After a three hour descent, Seth was in sight of the final emergency hut where the rest of his squadron were no doubt waiting. He straightened his jacket, dusted the mud off his pants as well as his could and pushed open the door.


Seth’s greeting stopped abruptly as he realised he was still alone. Seth frowned and hurriedly checked his watch. 17:56. He decided to wait a few minutes before setting off on his own to the last checkpoint.

Dropping his backpack and removing a tin of tuna, Seth used the time to fill his stomach. Although he was ravenous and the tuna was rather delicious, Seth couldn’t enjoy the meal. His stomach writhed with uneasiness and he constantly stopped eating to look out the window and check to see if anyone was walking towards the hut.


Finally, when Seth was getting ready to go and call for help, a series of panicked voices could be heard outside. Curious and hopeful, Seth swung open the door as the four members of his squadron broke out of the scrub opposite the hut. A smile formed on Seth’s face which lasted only seconds before it morphed into a frown. Three of Seth’s team mates approached, whilst the fourth hobbled on one leg.

Seth manoeuvred quickly through the snow towards the group. Alex walked ahead of the others to meet him.

“Seth. We got the first three drops, but couldn’t make it to the fourth or fifth. James fell when we were descending the south side of Staircase spur. He is in a lot of pain and can’t walk properly. We have run out of food and I don’t know how we are going to make it to the last two drops and get back to the final checkpoint in time,” Alex spluttered.

“Calm yourself,” replied Seth.

“Ben, help James inside”, he instructed.

Moving quickly, Seth set up the emergency bed and retrieved the first aid kit. He rummaged through the box and removed multiple bandages and a large strip of canvas.

Seth helped James onto the bed and removed his boot and socks. He bandaged James’ ankle and removed the tinned food from his back, distributing it to the rest of his squadron.

Seth told them that he had retrieved the fourth drop earlier that afternoon and that if they hurried they would have enough time to get to drop number five before they had to head to the checkpoint.

While the rest of Seth’s team ate, he collected a series of branches that littered the snow covered plateau surrounding the cottage. With the help of Alex and Ben, he was able to create a stable stretcher using 4 branches and the canvas he had found earlier. James manoeuvred onto the makeshift bed and was marched out of the hut with the help of his squadron.


After 48 hours of pain, hunger, cold and an embarrassing rejection from Hendra, Seth and his squadron could make out the unmistakeable suit and tie of the warrant officer. They had reached the checkpoint with all five drops as well as a sprained ankle, with minutes to spare. Hendra’s squadron still had not arrived…

Seth may not have won Hendra, but he just may have won a promotion to Corporal and hopefully Hendra’s respect.

Bring It On!

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Madi | 11 TAS


Ouch. Thought Seth. That was going to leave a mark. Now it was payback time!

Quiet as a mouse he grabbed the other piece of rope. He snuck around until he found Hendra sleeping at the base of a tree. He quietly tied her up.

Now all he had to do was take her back to HQ and submit her for questioning. But hang on why was she so limp and so light. Wow you are easier to fool than I thought. I whipped around it was

Hendra the worst person in the world and the worst storyteller ever! “Now don’t move or I’ll fire my laser thingy!” Said Hendra. Seriously laser thingy is that the best thing you could come up with. Oh sorry reader I’m just have in an argument with Hendra on how to tell the story. Suddenly everything went black!

Hiya the names Hendra. Did you get bored with that terrible story teller. Well did you? Yes I thought so. Now its my turn!

Okay so yada yada yada everything went black. Here we go.

I fired my super awesome laser beam wrist watch. ( laser thingy yeah right ).

I tied up mister goody two shoes with his own rope! Haha! I took him home with me cause if I didn’t mum would kill me!

Now readers if you have annoying siblings do not hang them upside form a tree!

By the way he was really mad! Hope you enjoyed the story!


Only a Dream

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Lauren | 17 VIC

As he walked further along into an unknown world of stillness Seth began to hear some small whispering noises and rustling in the distance. “Oh no, is Hendra back he thought!!!”

“I’m going be killed.!!!”

I began to run so fast like never before. Suddenly a red flash appeared before me, and there she was…she had caught me again. I kicked and screamed and pulled out my dirty frayed rope, swayed it around her. She was gone…. he had won the battle, everything was at peace again. Seth closed his eyes when suddenly a loud scream, “Seth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.”

He was awoken fast, my heart beating like a drum… but he was ready to fight Hendra again or at least try however to his surprise there in front of him was not Hendra, but guess who… Mrs Mac, his teacher, staring class mates and a blackboard! Seth, I had been dreaming again…in a world of his own, where he was the hero, and no one could stop him!


Posted on: January 24th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Tomisin | 14 NSW


Seth made his way to the clearing, grunting and muttering all the way.

He could think of more than one or two ways to make Hendra pay. Suddenly, he stopped. He grinned deviously as a flash of red hair zoomed past.

There was only one person he knew with red hair – Hendra.

He chased her into the forest, barely stopping for breath and was rewarded.

They had arrived at the scene of her crime. The rope was now coiled on the leafy carpet of the forest, torn to shreds. Seth gasped.

Hendra would never leave a mark so vicious, so deadly.

That left only one other option – Dreka.

Seth turned on his heels, ready to flee the oncoming danger but alas, he was too late.

A metal cage dropped down on him, sealing off all his escape routes. Seth was captured and he knew it. He didn’t struggle at all.

He just let the sickening fumes from the cage knock him out.

He was never heard from again.

Jason’s Bad Day

Posted on: January 24th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Kiaan | 10 WA


Jason woke to find in a new world. The snow was in the sky, and the sky was beneeth his feet.

The colorful parrots-no other birds could survive out here- flew past imposibly, their claws somehow above their bodies

The parrots were thick up top and skinny at the bottom. Jason’s head was pounding like a horse.

His skin felt wet but hot. It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realised the truth that he was kicked up near the ankles.

When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he realized the knots, tied by fat feminine hands. Macy, he thought. I should have seen this coming.

He opened his mouth to screem for help, but then he thought better of it. Macy might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was okay. He might still get the drop on her.

She left his hands untied. Kindness or foolishness? It didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip. His scizzors were gone. His scizzors gone? His emergancy scizzors gone? But she had left him with one weapon.

His mouth.

Grunting like a hyena, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles and started chewing on the rope.

It tasted gross, like a sewer rat and suddenly he realized why.

It was rubbed on his swetty armpits. Macy probally thought it was gross.

Finally the last strands of rope broke. Jason barely had time to cover his landing before he hit the ground like a sack of beans. He jumed to his feet, dusted the snow off his face and looked around the huanted forrest. He saw no-one- yet the forrest seemed to look back.

‘Alright Macy’ he muttered. ‘Game on’


Posted on: January 24th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Laura | 14 VIC


Quietly, Seth slunk slowly through the forest, looking for another weapon.

If I am going to fight Hendra for my life, I should at least be armed.

As Seth continued through the dense foliage, he couldn’t shake the feeling that he was being watched.

Her spies had eyes everywhere and he was not well camouflaged.

Seth heard the sound of moving feet. Someone was being careless and he only needed one guess.

Her cockiness will be her downfall.

He spun around, and using the only weapon he had, sunk his teeth into his stalkers arm.

Hendra screamed in pain but Seth didn’t care. He had her exactly where he wanted her and now he could make her suffer.

However, what Seth did not realise, was that Kendra is a lot of things, but certainly not careless. And his plan was far from falling into place.

Using Seth’s own knife, she began slashing.

She left him to bleed on the cold snowy ground, with not the crows to hear his dying breath.

Hendra’s Revenge

Posted on: January 24th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Stephanie | 16 VIC


Seth continued creeping towards the forest, looking out for any sign of Hendra, a weapon, or a pile of supplies, but it looked like he was going to have to face this boss battle with nothing but the empty holster and his wits.

Suddenly, a jump scare that was more frightening than anything the game developers could have thought up appeared on Seth’s screen. A message, in bold red lettering, which absolutely destroyed him.

In fact, the likes of this message have been crushing children’s hopes and dreams since the first smart phone was sold in a store.

You have completed the demo version of this game.

Download Hendra’s Revenge on the app store for $1.99 to continue playing.