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‘What Happens Next – Jack Heath’ Posts

The Final Encounter

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Amy | 12 VIC


Seth realised it would be a bad idea to walk in the middle of the forest, making him easy to spot.

He crouched down behind the tree he was bound to, hoping Hendra will find him that way. He could feel his simple watch still pressed against his forearm, glad she underestimated it. He was looking forward to this encounter.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps sound from behind Seth’s hiding spot. Seth turned while still trying to stay hidden, and finally saw Hendra properly for the first time.

She was wearing an extravagant dark fur cloak, her features pointed and heavily overdone with makeup.

One of the many mangy crows sits on her shoulder, slouched crossly. “I wonder where that boy might be? Surely not behind the tree?”

Seth grins to himself, knowing she knew exactly where he was, and was glad she did.

Seth hears Hendra’s heavily heeled shoes struggling through the snow, coming ever closer- Hendra was on her way towards him.

In one quick movement, she pulls herself around the tree and grabs Seth by the throat. He knows he has hardly any time, so he pulls up his sleeve and presses a little red button on the side of his watch. A powerful jet of water pushes up from the middle of the watch face, hitting his target precisely on the nose.

Hendra screams with agony, and begins to melt.

Soon, all that is left is a little puddle and a fur cape.

The Challenger

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Aditya | 9 NSW


Seth started running among the trees, his feet were barely touching the snow beneath and he was thinking about Helen and Mike.

What happened to them? If the others got them as well, hopefully not.

Mike is too small to help himself. His body is weak, but his brain works like a computer.

If he and Helen are together they can take care of each other, but they work best when all three of them are together. They have to win this game to survive, to live and to earn money for their Arena.

Yes, here everyone belongs to an Arena. They love their people, live, fight and die for their Arena.

Every year one group of challengers win the annual games to bring name, fame and money to their Arena and people from other Arena are always enemies, not strangers but known, dangerous enemies.

Especially people of Destruct Arena, that’s where Hendra belongs to.

She and her mates Henry and Victor, they all are strong, mean and vicious. Its now his responsibility to find his team and to reach to end of the game field without getting seriously hurt.

He finds the tallest tree and starts climbing to look for his mates and the other teams. Teams from Hope Arena and Believe Arena are already out of the game and all credit goes to Hendra, Henry and Victor.

He can see Mike and Helen slumped on the far ground and Victor is going in their direction followed by Hendra and Henry.

Seth climbs down quickly and start running towards them. His fast pace helped them once again as he reached Mike and Helen and got them up and running towards the hill.

They might see them while running up, but it will be difficult for Hendra and team to follow them on hills. They reached uphills panting and found a cave to rest. They all are sapped out of energy so sleep comes as soon as they lie down.

He is dreaming now. Dreaming of winning, dreaming of happiness, dreaming of home.

It’s a bliss.

William’s Mad Libs

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - william | 6 QLD


William woke to find himself in a neat world. The snow was in the sky, and the sky was beneath his feet.

The scary hummingbird – no other birds could survive out here – walked past impossibly, their claws somehow above their bodies.

The leaves were thick up the top and thinner at the bottom.

William’s head was pounding like a heart.

His ankles felt sore and hot.

It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realised the truth. He had been hung up by his ankles. When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he recognised the knots, tied by delicate feminine hands.

Prue, he thought. I should have seen this coming.

He opened his mouth to yell for help, but then he thought better of it.

Prue might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was alive. He might still get the drop on her.

She had left his hands hanging. Kindness or foolishness? It didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip.

His sword was gone. His pistol? Gone. His emergency life jacket? Gone. But she had left him with one weapon. His knife.

Grunting like a baboon, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles, and started chewing on the rope.

It tasted disgusting, like poo and soddenly he realised why. It was his own socks.

Prue probably thought that was funny. Finally, the last strands of the rope broke.

William barely had time to cover his head before he hit the beach like a sack of potatoes.

He got to this feet, dusted the snow off his suit and looked around at the scary forest.

He saw no-one-yet the forest seemed to look back. ‘Alright, Prue‘ he muttered. ‘Game on’.

William entered the forest not knowing that there was a giant spider that would kill him if he went past the web. As he walked he saw another weapon, his sword! He was relieved that he had his sword back. He walked a little more to find the giant spider web, as he looked at the web he felt scared. His eyes widened like a moon as he saw the giant spider in the far corner of its web.

While looking around he saw Prue in the spiders web. ‘Help me’ Prue said. She threw her sticky vine to William, he grabbed it and hooked the spider to the end and pulled as hard as ever before. He threw the giant spider on top of a couple of sharp bones that were lying about. The spider snapped onto them and died and lots of blood was around it.

William climbed up the web with his web protected gloves and shoes and grabbed Prue and dragged her down the web. Once she was down they took all the extra bits of web off her.

Prue gave all Williams stuff back and they went back home.

The end.

Mission Complete.

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Tessa | 13 VIC


He pocketed the rope and looking around saw snowmobile tracks heading north. They could only be Hendra’s. If he followed them he would eventually catch up with her. The question was, how long would it take? Seth grimaced as he started off, looking for what seemed like a needle in a haystack.

Five hours walking later he spotted a log cabin nestled amongst snow clad pine trees. Seth quickened his pace and reached for the door.He grasped the knob and pushed the door open. The inside of the cabin was dark and Seth blinked a few times to adjust his eyes. He stepped forward and as he did the door clicked shut behind him. Seth whirled round, a light flicked on and he found himself staring into Hendra’s drawn gun.

“So nice of you to drop by,” she drawled.

“Yes, I’ve been meaning to,” Seth agreed sarcastically.

Suddenly Hendra became serious. “Listen , Seth, I want you to join me. Together we can bring whole world to its knees. I am willing to forget how you ruined me. Will you accept my offer and join my side?”

Seth didn’t even pause. “No, I will never work with you,” he answered.

“This is the end of your career.”

“Oh, is it,” Hendra faked surprise.

“I don’t think so.”

Laughing, she flicked a switch with a manicured nail.Seth toppled through a trapdoor into a cellar below.

“Bye, bye, Seth,” she smirked. “It’s been nice knowing you.” With that she left the cabin, leaving Seth in darkness.

Seth, after hearing Hendra go, started looking for a way out. The cellar was covered in boards and there was no obvious exit. Seth wondered if there was a secret passage behind one of the wood panels. It would be unlike Hendra to build something without a hidden exit. He started tapping the walls.

After a few minutes , he came across a hollow sounding board. Taking a step back, he threw all his force against it. The board gave way sending a cloud of splinters up. Stepping over the broken board, he walked into the passage and continued upwards until he reached a door. Seth tried the handle.The door opened and he stepped out.

Glancing around, he saw a snow mobile parked close by. Seth jumped on and tried the ignition. The engine roared to life. Looking at the ground beside him, he saw snowmobile tracks leading away from the cabin and the tracks he had followed earlier. They could only mean one thing: Hendra. He raced away in the direction they were leading.

A few minutes travel brought Seth close enough to see Hendra on a snow mobile just ahead of him. He raced to cut her off. Just up ahead there was a narrow pass: sheer vertical rock on one side and a two thousand foot drop on the other. The pass would block Hendra’s way perfectly. Set manoeuvred his snow mobile in front of Hendra’s path and sat there with his engine idling. He waited for Hendra to slow down as she approached, but instead of slowing down she sped up. Seth realized just in time she was going to ram him and rolled off his snowmobile onto the snow, covering his head with his hands. Hendra rammed Seth’s snowmobile and sent it hurtling into oblivion to smash below and burst into flames.

As she disappeared into the distance, Seth got up and brushed himself off.

Hendra had escaped, but she would be back and the battle of wits would begin again.

Game on Hendra!

“I’m going to get you!”

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Lily | 11 ACT


He got up and sat, his head slowly clearing from the fog that had descended when he had hit the ground. His head throbbed. If only he could have fallen on a softer spot of ground.

He became more aware of his surroundings – dark and foreboding. For a forest it was enormous, it was almost like someone had multiplied all the trees by a factor of ten – it was very dense with hardly a gap between branches. The trees were a beautiful shade of green and had a snow cap that was like the icing on a cake. The bark of most pines were thick and scaly, but some had thin, flaking bark. These were the older trees, soon to snap and fall during the winter. The branches were produced in whirls, a very tight spiral, but actually looked like a ring of branches arising from the same point.

The forest floor was covered in a thick blanket of white, small shrubs peeked out under their new white caps, footsteps and paw prints crisscrossed each other around the labyrinth of trees. Aside from the brown of the trees, the only other colour was the white of the snow, like a brand new shirt, crisp and undamaged.

It was a secretive place, a place that no one knew about. The grasses were crackling beneath Seth’s feet, as he started to move, because of the recent snowfall. Seth was in awe of the size and majesty of the trees. Their knotted arms rose ever upwards, as far as his head could lift.

As Seth ventured further in to the forest, like a timid animal always checking his surroundings, he noticed something in the darkness. Looking around every few steps, he headed over to the place were a sliver of light was emerging. Rushing he reached there and the light disappeared from his view. It travelled over to another patch. Digging in the ground he found a stick. Quietly throwing it, the stick landed in the patch where the light came from, but was once more indulged in darkness. A trap most likely set up by Hendra.

He felt something under him, a hard surface. Brushing away the snow he found a piece of equipment; smooth and metallic to his touch.

“CLICK.” The sound of a gun’s trigger being pulled killed the silence around him.

“That’s mine to take,” a voice said. He knew that voice, it was forceful and sent a shiver down his back – Hendra!

He looked around quickly, there she was standing pointing a gun at him.

“Say goodnight, Seth!”

What happens next!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Dihansa | 9 TAS


Hendra, Seth’s annoying little sister always had some good pranks up her sleeves to make Seth go bonkers but this ain’t going to happen no more because Seth had thought of a great plan to make Hendra go even more bonkers.

Hendra had just woken up in the family campground to find that Seth wasn’t in his sleeping bag so she ventured a short while and found Seth, but before she could say a word her eyes came across Seth’s plan written in the dirt: Seth’s most victorious prank plan on Hendra. Hendra read and scanned over and over again so that she could ruin Seth’s dumbest plan yet.

Seth knew that Hendra was there, he just didn’t utter a word because part one of his victorious plan had just ended: to get Hendra to read his set up of a plan.

Just before dinner Hendra went to her part of the plan: “ruin Seth’s victorious plan.”

The equipment that was in Seth’s plan was all ready for Hendra to ruin.

“Just as I thought,” whispered Hendra with an evil laugh. She inspected every nook and cranny, everything was completely normal… except for one thing: Why was there a very lovely drawn picture of her on a dainty little hook?

Hendra pulled on the hook and then Zap! Out of nowhere Hendra got electrified. She took a step back and Whoosh! She was attached to Seth’s rope hanging upside-down on a very weak tree branch.


The tree branch snapped and Hendra lay there for a very short while and woke up to see Seth having his very victorious prank dance and she felt so embarrassed that she never ever played a prank on her big bro, Seth again… until she got bored and started it from the top all over again and again and again this kept on going until they both died!

What Happens next?

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kiera | 10 VIC


Seth started walking, hoping to find Hendra’s lair.

He had only taken a few steps when a noise behind him made him turn around. Standing behind him was …… a complete stranger!

“Who are you?” asked Seth.

The stranger laughed and whipped off a wig.

It was Hendra!

She ran away, and Seth chased after her. He rounded a corner and saw ….. Hendra sitting in an armchair reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

“Hendra!” shouted Seth.

Hendra looked up.

“Hello,” she said, then pressed a big red button on the coffee cup and a bomb went off beneath Seth’s feet.

Finding Out The Truth

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Sahansa | 11 TAS


It took all the strength left in Seth to stand up. With a preside gaze he took in his surroundings. Seth vowed to himself that he would hunt Hendra and make her pay for what she had done to him. He heard footsteps coming closer and closer.

It was…Hendra with Charlie the best intel man in all the land.

Charlie, was actually Seth’s partner in fighting crime. “Smart boy!” cackled Hendra sarcastically.

“Charlie, get over here now” bellowed Seeth.

“And why would I do that? I like to be on the winning side and from what I can see, it’s Hendra, who’s winning” reposed Charlie with a cheeky smile on his face.

“ You, you traitor! You were working for her all along! You were the one that tried to kill me in Bracknell! You were the one that bought me here! It was all YOU!” screamed Seth with all the fury he could muster.

“Not all along. Teamed up with Hendra last week,” said Charlie calmly. This is all a set up thought Seth to himself. He gazed piercingly at the Hendra then his gaze turned into a stabbing star when it moved onto Charlie.

Without any more delay he snatched his sword back of Hendra. Hendra just thought for about a moment what was going on. Then she ordered Charlie to KILL Seth.

Charlie was more armed than Seth who felt like a mouse being hunted by a hawk.

Cherie took his sword out from his belt and pointed it at Seth.

He bitterly scoffed out “Any last words?”

Just then Seth had a brilliant idea, he was going to get Charlie back by reminding him of their friendship and how they won every battle when they were worked together. He told him that they were a team and if you take one of them on the other would always be right behind them every step.

Memories of the old times, the good times filled Charlie’s head.

Just then he understood what was right and turned around pointing his sword at Hendra.

“Guess where your going?”

Without waiting for an answer Charlie said, “The only thing you deserve is to go to jail!”

Justice for the Villain

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Jennifer | 13 NT


He searched the trees for Hendra, yet couldn’t find her there.

“She must’ve gone inside somewhere,” said Jack .

He slowly crept back towards where he escaped from and climbed up trees to get a better vantage point.

“I see a very flat piece of ground over there,” thought Jack .


So then he climbed down the tree and walked over to the flat square.

“I knew it!” exclaimed Jack.

On the bottom right corner of the flat ground was a small button. Shortly after pressing the button a staircase appeared.

He slowly followed it down to the bottom and found himself in a underground room.

There were two ways to go left or right; tunnels on either side and nothing else in view.

This is a hard one, thought Jack.

He decided on the left tunnel and slowly cautiously crept along it. When he got to the end he turned.

Around that corner he sees Hendra sitting at a computer reading an invisibility potion recipe.

She reads along it and then calls out “Jeremy, Jeremy?”

“Ugh,” sighed Hendra, “I guess I have to do everything myself.”

Then she swivelled around in her chair to go and get this mysterious thing she needed…but then, she saw me!!

“Jack?” she questioningly said, “How could you ever escape from me? The almighty Hendra. “Oh wait… you haven’t,” cackled Hendra as she grabbed her sword of the wall .

She came towards me with a sheepish grin on her face.

“Prepare to die, Jack,” and suddenly sped up and lunged toward me.

“Not so fast!,” I screamed as I grabbed another sword off the wall.

Cling , clang , cling, as the swords hit each other making alot of noise.

Then she jumped in the air and rose above me sword aimed right at the top of my head.

I took this opportunity with her off the ground to grab and pile of rope near the computer chair.

When she hit the ground I hit her sword out of her hands with mine and quickly but swiftly threw the rope around her ankles.

As I was tying it she was wriggling around like crazy.

“You will never get away with this!” yelped Hendra.

“Oh, we’ll see about that,” I said as I finished tying her hands together.

What to do next?

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kelsea | 12 QLD


He started to cut the rope with his teeth.

He gnawed and gnawed thinking of the rats he had watched in a horror film the one where they bit through the electrical cord before being shocked and killed from a live electrical wire.

Seth was alive he eventually started to escape and he started to crawl heading north.

Hendra played a funny game of trying to keep Seth out of the way, but he was not going to be forgotten.

He knew that the compass held in his sock could help him with heading further away from the south as possible and further away from Hendra and anymore schemes she would likely come up with to slow him down.

Hendra was holding Seth’s tools but not his compass.

There was a monster in the woods and little did Hendra know that Seth had met the monster, the very same monster from under his bed when he was six years old.

As Seth crawled along the flock of skinny crows multiplied becoming vicious, and attacking him, attracted by the noise he’d made by falling with a thump onto the ground.

The crows made Seth’s head bleed as they flew at him in the centre of the top of his head.

Seth began to cry and within minutes Hendra spoke to him as she jumped off the dirt buggy.

Hendra returned to find her captive escaping, and she was not in a good mood.

The day was nearly done and the forest was looking darker and very eerie.

“I left your hands untied to give you an opportunity to save yourself, and I returned because I wanted to know how brave you are.”

Seth loudly yelled, “I don’t think we can be friends again after the way you left me, the main thing is you came back and maybe now we can save ourselves from the monster living in the forest.”

A bellowing unfriendly noise came from the forest, Seth and Hendra looked at one another and just as Seth and Hendra went to hug the monster thudded towards them coming from the forest.

GAME ON Monster we will outrun you together.

Seth and Hendra lead the monster to the rope tied up his waist to the tree and left him to the crows.