What Happens Next

Tall Tales

  I didn’t know what to think. Had I gone mad just like my parents? Or was I hallucinating? All that time I had spent trekking in the snow must have taken its toll. I closed the door and went to make myself a cup off hot cocoa. I heated the milk on the stove … Continued

Ma Po Tofu

  I see a tall broad body which is impossibly high. “Um,” I say half screaming and half in awe on the inside. Here, it growls, have some Ma Po Tofu. I smile and eat it all up. The the yeti picks me up and growls. :Just fattening you up,” it says. I am sorry … Continued

Big, White and Hairy

  “Uhh, I arg uhh” I stuttered. I never planned on actually seeing this thing let alone it appearing on the doorstep. “Hi there!” it replied warmly. “May I come in?” it asked politely. I just stayed planted to the floor in shock. “Um, excuse me? Maybe you didn’t hear me. I asked, could I … Continued

“Who’s there?”

  “Gosh it’s freezing out there, can I come in?” I was scared yet intrigued, it was like a whirl wind of snow was talking to me. ‘I’ll only be a minute now.” Scared, I tried to push the heavy wooden door back but the thing outside flicked it away with ease and left me … Continued

I Saw a Yeti

  It looked at me as if it had never seen a living creature before. Without hesitation I slowly started to walk backwards but with caution the creature handed me a letter. It turned around and walked into the pale white snow as I look down at the note it had left me. The creature … Continued

A Curious Creature

  Ten minutes later, Nadia went far away before she had her tea. Nadia went in a deep dark scary cave. Then she found more than 100 homes. Then Nadia finally found a home. Suddenly, Nadia saw a scary monster. Something huge, white and hairy.

Monsters in the snow

  A yeti! It looked at me and growled. It was a deep rumbly growl. My heart sank. I stepped back and grabbed the pocket knife from my bag. The yeti lumbered closer. I stepped back again. Then I slipped and the world vanished from my sight. I woke to see my mum’s face looking … Continued

The Yeti

  I looked up. Looming above me was a tall, furry figure, with a large nose and ears. His eyes were a dull shade of black and his feet were especially large. I realised that what I was seeing was a yeti. So they were real. My parents had been right all along. I didn’t … Continued

The Yeti

  The figure loomed over me and beat it’s chest. It roared and bellowed. I was frozen with fear. I knew I was doomed. I dashed past the creature and ran into the frost and snow. It was cold and I hadn’t had time to put on more layers. However I was in danger. I … Continued

Yeti Encounters

  “Oh. My. Gosh!” I stumbled over in surprise. The yeti opened it’s mouth and let out a low growl. I scrambled backwards to avoid being stepped on and bonked my head onto a wooden desk. “Ow!” I said, rubbing my head. Returning to my senses I started screaming. “MUM! DAD!” I noticed my phone … Continued