What Happens Next

Writing Comp

  I then did the stupidest thing ever, I tried to find my camera. Then I realised that the “thing” had it in it’s hairy, white paws. My next options were scream or call mum and dad, they both were certainly useless since mum and dad would not be able to hear me through the … Continued

Big Foot and the Foundling

  It was Big Foot. He had a boy on his shoulder. Big Foot had a sign on his chest. It said, “this boy needs a home. Adopt him if you want.” Mum saw the sign and the boy. She asked Big Foot to kneel down so she could get the boy off big foot’s … Continued


  There, standing at the door stood the Yeti. I didn’t know what to do. My body seemed frozen. I think that was only partly because of the Yeti, partly because of cold. But then, before I could do anything, the Yeti reached out his arm, bopped me on the head, picked me up and ran. … Continued

Curious creature

  There was a big lava ball. It was bushes what everyone thought as hair. It said hello to everyone. It also asked, “How are you?” We were afraid, we didn’t say anything. He told that he came from volcano. And he left saying bye bye.

The curious creature

  I couldn’t tell what it is it definitely wasn’t the more that I open the door to it and it was a big big big fluffy Monster. I had no idea how to explain it because this is the best I could do. It was cute, white and fluffy. I am no idea why … Continued

The Yeti Surprise

  A Yeti! I slammed the door! It all went quiet. 10 minutes later, a thud on the door? A yeti! I ran away. I bumped into my Mum and Dad. They brought a Yeti. Three Yetis’ in one place. This is Mum and Dads great time. By Xavier Boyington

Himalayan Hunting

  “Mehhhhhhhhhhhh.” Standing on the front doorstep of the Himalayan hut was a rather curious creature. With four stout legs, luxurious, brown eyes and a waterfall of white hair falling over its’ back, it couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a Himalayan goat. While I was trying to work out how this animal rapped … Continued

…The Yeti…

  It was the Yeti. The creature was quite a sight. The yeti itself was a tall, lean figure that had the hariest, shaggiest fur you could ever imagine. It’s shaggy fur was as white as snow. It would be impossible to spot the Yeti in a blizzard. It had a jaw filled of jagged … Continued


  It was the Yeti !!!!! I was extremely scared. I ran and hid under the bed. Then I heard a strong but sweet voice it sounded like it said hello. I peeped out from under the bed. The Yeti had a smile on its face. It looked small for a Yeti. I thought perhaps … Continued

No Not Yeti!

  Okay, so maybe it wasn’t super huge or totally hairy; that was an exaggeration, but it was definitely snow white. At fist glance I thought that it was the Yeti that had miraculously decided to turn up on the doorstep – I was wrong. Turned out it was a human covered from head to … Continued