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Rossi and Zoe by Daniella Martinez

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Daniella | 8 SA


The book is about my Grandpa’s two dogs, named Rossi and Zoe.

It is based on a true event which happened in Grandpa’s garden.

Daniella reading her book:


The Aqua Park

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Vienna | 7 QLD


There were so many of us more than one hundred maybe and sixty-two kids from my club.

Game On alright!

First one to the waters edge didn’t need a lift from the boat driver. The lifesaver told us all the rules for water safety.

Oops I lost my hat, it had disappeared into the water.

I kept paddling. Just a bit scared and a whole lot nervous I swam to the other side of the waters edge, to the huge water park in the middle of the dam.

The slides and jumping floaties were waiting for me.

I forget to be scared because my friend Thaya and Thayas Dad kept me safe along with all the lifesavers who were at every fun water game.

The aqua park, was built for the holidays.

On the first day of little Nippers surf club training we didn’t go to the beach for sprinting and paddleboards or ocean swimming.

We went to the Aqua Park to jump off big blown up cushions and pillow things.

Everyone scrambled and swam and jumped like crazy.

Camping in the Forest

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Dylan | 9 ACT


Long ago, there was a man and his son who went on a camping trip next to a deep, dark forest. It smelt of beautiful, sweet-scented wild berries. They could also smell danger ahead. When they slept, they could hear leaves rustling in the wind. The boy asked his father if he could go exploring in the forest, but his father wouldn’t let him.

Darren was walking by the creek when he saw something creep out of the forest. It was a wolf going fishing. The scary, sharp fanged wolf saw him so he started to run for his life.

He stopped dead in his tracks as the rest of the pack arrived in front of him. He was so scared, he couldn’t believe his brown coloured eyes.

The boy was marched off into the mysterious forest. He heard bears growling, white birds were humming a beautiful tune. It smelled of sweet eucalyptus leaves. The leaves were about to gobble him up. The wolves had surrounded him in their den which was as big as a whale. There were a few wolves fighting over who gets the first bite. They charged at each other biting and scratching.

The wolves that trapped him were growling.

Soon, Darren heard footsteps. There was his father with a torch. He shone it in the wolves’ eyes. The wolves jumped at dad but the wolves met eyes with the torch and ran away.

The father and the son got out of the forest and back to their tent. Darren was forgiven for walking off on his own and they both had a wonderful, adventurous camping trip.

Mark Zap and the mystery of the ghost

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Aditya | 9 NSW


Mark Zap was at camp wild to uncover a mystery.

A ghost was terrorising people of camp wild.

During his investigation Mark found footprints and said it’s a human being, no ghost.

This human was a villain known as Dark heart.

Dark heart became so angry that he decided to kill Mark Zap, but when he came in the secret room to do so, a booby trap got set off and dark heart died.

Mark Zap got awarded for his bravery and wisdom.

The Space Race

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Callan | 9 NSW


‘You want to enter a space race without food!?’ exclaimed Voxy incredulously.

‘I have two reasons’, said his partner, Clox. ‘One, you would insist on having that horrid human food, tinned spaghetti, and two, the race only takes 45 minutes.’

The two were taking part in the annual space race on their home planet, Zaat.

Contestants from all over the galaxy were coming with revved-up star ships, and hundreds of fans and families too.

Their ship was a rust-bucket they had found on a ride past Cylix, and it looked like it had been on the wrong side of a black hole.

They had repaired and repainted it as much as possible, but it still was decades behind obsolete.

The next day they towed their ship to the starting booth and checked in. Looking around the starting line, Voxy noticed a gathering near their ship. A crowd had appeared, milling around the most modern ship either of them had seen.

The ship was docked next to theirs, and Voxy saw the pilot inspect their ship through the laser-proof glass and inspect it critically, with no small disdain.

Voxy looked away, studiously avoiding eye contact. His eyes drifted over his own ships’ faults. The coffee stains, rust, and the corrosion near the stern stood out, as though the glow the neighbouring ship highlighted every fault.

‘Contestants on their marks!’ yelled the starter over the din of the crowd.

Clox turned the ignition. Nothing. Voxy whacked it.

‘GO!’ screamed the starter! The race began.

Every ship accelerated, the jet-wash shaking their ship so that every rivet was straining.

Voxy finally got the engine started and the ship picked up speed, overtaking many of the smaller ships.

Clox noticed with concern that the modern ship was already speeding to the front, manoeuvring past the others. Voxy was trying to remember the rules, and went cold as he remembered – there weren’t any.

That was when the ships started firing lasers at each other.

Clox reacted quickly at first sight of the lasers and brought out his guns, while Voxy slid into the pilot’s seat. Clox calmly dispatched multiple smaller ships. He was thinking of the software now installed in his ship’s computers.

The drive would put the ship into light-speed when triggered. All he needed was some space in front; he could simply hit the big red button and they would disappear.

A laser burst from a galactic buggy ended that thought as their ship’s computers melted from the heat of the concentrated light. The overdrive software went too. By now many of the racers had turned into interestingly shaped scrap metal, but there were still many left. However, as they raced through an asteroid field, most of these were turned into many pieces of debris. The only ship functioning in sight was their rival, the sleek modern ship; always in front, easily dodging all obstacles.

It began to turn towards them, preparing its guns.

‘Oh dear,’ voiced Clox, readying his guns.

Both ships fired at the same moment, and were flung apart.

Dazed, Clox staggered into the bathroom, and retching was heard over the hiss of engines.

Voxy followed, after removing his head from the dashboard.

Clox tested the engines. Overheated. Out the porthole he could see the other ship, silent, broken, drifting.

They had both lost.

Clox groaned. ‘Maybe you were right, we should have brought food.’

‘Well’ said Voxy, appearing from the sleeping quarters. ‘There’s a cloner under the closet, and a tin of food.’


‘Tinned spaghetti.’

Over the wrecks, the galactic buggy chugged its way to the finish.

The Secret Forest

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Sky | 8 VIC


One day I was walking the forest ad I saw a path glitter. I followed a path that led me to a small village. All the houses were covered with small designs and flowers.

It was the best thing I had ever seen. Then I saw a little fairy appeared from one of the door of the house. Then she spoke.

“Hello,” said the fairy, “My name is Bubblegum.”

I said,”Hi!”

“Welcome to the Fairy Kingdom,” said Bubblegum.

Then thousand fairies appeared from all the houses. All the fairies were pleased to meet me. They made me look like a fairy and decorated me with flowers.

When it was time for me to go I said goodbye and left.

That was the best time.

Thr Troubleousome Duo

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Sahansa | 11 TAS


“Vicky has zero self respect,”” said Megan, shoving two skinny grade fives out of the way so she could be first in to to class.

“I know, right,” agreed Ella while following her friends ends example and giving an extra shove to one of the younger kids before looking to Megan for approval.

Then, after a small pause, “I saw her hanging out with a bunch of freaks in the park, she was even holding hands with Sam Whitburn.”

After hearing the last bit Megan whipped around to face Ella and furiously shot out out,”Why didn’t you tel tell me!”

This was a million miles from being true, it was just typical Ella behaviour. Ella just loved to get into trouble by lying. These two were the worst of the bunch at Cringsely Upper School, the other kids nick named them the troublesome duo.

No one could control them not even the teacher hers. They were were feared all through the school.

They were in second period, which was Geography for these girls.

They had Mrs Parfet who was a lovely teacher who unlike the others could control any type of student. She just has this way of bringing geography to life and making it interesting. Before class started they walked over to where Vicky was sitting peacefully reading all alone. Ella pulled her Vicky’s book down so she could see their faces.

In a cool tone Vicky asked, “What was that for?”

Vicky was any teacher’s dream student. She was smart, listened and always no matter what payed attention. She was a girl that had such an easy going temper, she rarely got mad unlike Ella and Megan.

“Why did you do that?” imitated Ella in a cheaky tone.

“I heard!” replied Megan.

“Heard what?” continued Vicky.

“About your time in the park?”

Vicky was left clueless.

Windows Of My Life: Becoming Equal

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Sahansa | 11 TAS


The pristine blue water calls me. The sand is as soft as cotton. It seems to good to be true. Shells , of all different types everywhere across the beach just make it a lovely scene.

I run into the water with just my togs and my thongs on. The crashing of the waves on to the shore is truly magical. Watching the tide come in and out is so satisfying. It is quite cold in the water, it was not the warmest of days. Well, that’s Tasmanian weather for you.

The water towers over me as I go deeper and deeper into the mass of salt water. I see a couple of people kayaking out in the distance, how I wish I could do that someday.

Occasionally me thongs get washed of my feet and get taken away into the ocean. But its no biggy. If your wondering why I wear thongs into the sea , it is because I have very sensitive feet.

Thanks to my friend Jasinta who stole my shoes and took them back to the shore when they fell of my feet while I was swimming. I had no thongs!!!!!! I didn’t feel sensitive at all, I just felt happy!

I was taking everything in!

Super Wi-Fi VS Super Book

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Cayden | 11 WA


In the year of 1991 two superheroes were born super book and super Wi-Fi.

They were bad enemies.

One day super Wi-Fi got so angry that he decided to battle super book.

When super Wi-Fi found super book they started fighting, in the end they used their ultimate power that not just killed them both but destroyed the planet and that was the end thank to the superheroes.

Mr wormy and the dance off

Posted on: January 18th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - isabel | 10 NSW


Mr Wormy was an ordinary worm.

He liked dance parties, wriggling and he wore a small black hat.

Sounds like an ordinary worm to me.

In 1 day Mr Wormy will be participating in the summer dance off.

He had assembled a team and Mr wormy was pretty confident.

His team were practising the moves “Up, down, to the left, to the right,” said their coach loudly.

The next day it was the dance off.

“We should try our best,” said Mr Wormy. They danced and had lots of fun.

“First place is………… the squirming worms!” said the judge (which was Mr wormy’s team).

“Yay!!!!!!!!” said Mr Wormy.

Everybody cheered. Mr Wormy went home and was happy.