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Game On

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Dylan | 9 ACT


The day had finally come.

The Storm Ringer, an action game was in the arcade. Fred, the 9-year-old boy in red clothes enjoyed video games a lot. He couldn’t afford them because he was very poor. He had saved all his money to try the game.

He raced to the arcade so he could get there a whole hour early before the arcade opened. The queue got longer over time. Soon, it was so long it went straight in to the pie shop next door. Luckily, Fred was the first in line. He couldn’t wait to start playing Storm Ringer.

He handed in his coins and was ready for action. He felt the joystick and buttons on the controller. To win the game he needed to dodge the strikes of lightning, destroy evil space ships and get to the end safely. His vehicle was a big fighter jet with high tech features.

He was doing pretty well and was as happy as a dog with two tails. He had reached about one eighth of the game when a light as bright as the sun shone over the screen. “Arghhhhhhhhh!” screamed Fred as he was being sucked into the game.

He had appeared inside the huge spaceship that was as big as a bus. He raced to the control pad and started to fly the ship through the bolts of lightning. The scary, dark powered, evil space ships came up towards him. “How do I shoot the gun?” thought Fred to himself. He pressed a random button and surprisingly, it was the right one to shoot the massive gun that was on the roof. He pressed it rapidly and shot a lot of the ships down. “Game On!” Fred yelled. He then zoomed off as fast as a bullet. He saw some more planes and shot down all of them with one bullet.

He had nearly reached the end, when a huge, evil space carrier came. “Oh no!” cried Fred as he got as scared as a mouse in a cattery.

The evil ship shot a big, powerful ray at Fred’s jet, which was blown to one million tiny pieces!

Suddenly, he woke up. It was all just a dream!

The boy hoped the nightmare wouldn’t ever come true, not even in one million years.

My Life

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Elanor | 11 NSW


When I was born music was always with me, so growing I have always had the feel for music and dancing too.

I dance Tap, Ballet, Jazz and a bit of Contemporary. I love it so much if I wanted to stop I just couldn’t.

It’s just a part of me.

Some of my family dance but not all of them. Dancing for me is like a dream come true.


Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Sarah | 12 SA


“It’s happened!” said the cow. “What’s happened?” asked the sheep.”The horse has had her baby!” said the pig.

All the farm animals were excited for the mare. They went to go and see the new foal.

“He’s beautiful!” “Try to stand, son!” The foal tried to get up. He fell over. All the animals were concerned.

“Try again!”

The poor foal fell right over. The animals laughed. No one had noticed the small bumps on the sides of the foal’s body. Meanwhile, the mother was thinking of a name.

“How about Pegasus?”

The next day, Pegasus tried to walk outside. He couldn’t get up. “Hey, Peggie, come and play!” said the calf.

“Now, Geoffrey, Pegasus can’t walk. And I don’t know that he likes being called ‘Peggie’.” said the calf’s mother.

“No, I don’t mind, Mrs Cow. I would love to play, Geoffrey. Let’s make up stories!” suggested Peggie.

“Sure!’ said Geoffrey, oh, and you can call me Geoff.”

Geoff was Peggie’s only friend. All the other animals would laugh at him. Geoff was so lost in the stories that he didn’t notice the bumps on Peggie’s sides grow bigger. The next day, the bumps burst out and became wings! Peggie realised that the reason that he couldn’t stand was because he couldn’t balance. With his wings now fully grown, he could balance enough to walk!

He came out of the stable and was immediately run down. Geoff was so excited that he had given Peggie a big fat cow-hug! As soon as he got back up, he was knocked off his hooves by his amazed and proud mother.

“We’re sorry we laughed at you, Pegasus.” all the animals said.

“Please, call me Peggie!” said Peggie as he flew off, happily.

And that is the tale of how the Pegasus came about.

The Perfect Spot

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Charlie | 10 NSW


Friday rolled over in her bed. That day had been big for her. The netball finals were on and the maths club had their graduations for the people moving up a level. Friday was still in the under-twelve maths club but was soon moving up. Miss Blocker, Friday’s teacher had sent out a survey to see who the end of year class awards should go to, and for Friday that was tricky my dear reader.

They were the good things though, there had been an awful argument at lunch between Friday’s best friends, Alarny and Michaela and the school’s mean girl, Felicity Moner. Most of the boys at school would add an ‘A’ into her last name, just after the ‘O’, then it would be Felicity Moaner. It definitely suited. Felicity had been teasing Alarny about the way she spelt her name, Friday rather liked how it was unique. Michaela had tried to stick up for her, but they were both defeated by Felicity and her gang.

Friday rolled again if that wasn’t already enough, Friday Halley wasn’t just your average ten-year-old school girl, she was also ACE special agent FH12. She wasn’t twelve yet, but she was in the under-twelve field and code-cracking division. FH12 went on missions all over the world and it was all secret. Alarny and Michaela knew as they were part of her PALS list. PALS stood for Protection Accuracy Leadership Support . FH’s friends had helped on so many occasions, like when FH was trying to overcome her fear of heights when she was asked to zip-line from the top of the Eiffel tower and things like that.

Friday wished for a spot to break away from the madness, all the mean girls, all the missions when called on by ACE, all the sports, tests and sometime away from siblings.

Two months later…

Friday was sitting on the floor in the living room doing her homework when her dad entered. “Hey chook, mum and your brothers and Emmy have surprise.” He said mysteriously. “This math test is getting on my nerves could you help me after?” her dad didn’t answer. They walked down the stairs to the yard. Letty their little Covoodle pup was trotting around. Friday’s dad led her down to the old garden, where she had to close her eyes. “So, Friday, you’ve never liked the commotion of the house?” Friday’s brother quizzed. Friday couldn’t answer before dad ripped off the blindfold.

“Oh! Gosh, did you build this yourselves?” Friday exclaimed. She was looking at a beautiful mini cottage. It was painted with rose designs and had a hot pink roof. “May I go inside?” It wasn’t until Friday reached the door she realised that the door had a beautiful watercolour sign. “Rose Cottage, Friday’s place” in cool writing. “Is this really for me?” Friday was bewildered by this point. “Yep, we thought you deserved it. I mean doing your home work on the floor?” her dad said. “You need it Friday, go on, go inside!” her mum said.

Friday pushed the door to reveal a little desk with a pretty wicket chair, a bucket chair tucked in the corner next to a little book shelf covered with Millie’s mission books, Friday’s Favourite! There was a little fridge opposite and a bench. “Open the cupboard” Emmy said really excited. Friday was so surprised when a little fold away bed popped out. “Can I Sleep here?” Emmy winked.

Friday never needed help with her assignments again. It was magic as if the cottage was feeding her the answers.

Her nights there were full of dreams and it was the excellent for lying around and relaxing. Most of all it was Friday’s favourite place to read!


Younger Sister vs Older Sister

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Tessa | 13 VIC


A deep growl disrupted my peaceful quiet reading time. My sister waddled into my room. Her scowling mouth morphed into a smug grin that did not suit her flaring nostrils and piggish eyes.

Not to mention the layers of pink lipstick outlining her fat lips.

“Is there a warthog in my room or did you just let one go?”

Amelia’s smirk was enough to confirm my suspicions.

“It was totally a warthog,” replied Amelia, covering her mouth with her hands to suppress her giggles.

“That’s FOUL. I reckon you could smell that methane on the other side of the world. GET OUT OF MY ROOM”.


“I’ll go tell Mum”.

“I’ll just say you did it”. She teased, “I am bigger than you, smarter than you and you will never beat me”.

“Really,” I replied, “GAME ON!”

Amelia lumbered out.


After airing out my room, I formed a game plan with Teddy and Snuggle.

Peeking out from behind my bedroom door, I checked for signs of danger. Amelia was in the bathroom, engrossed in the reapplying of her eye liner, which would take her an hour at least. I gave the signal and together we crept from the safe zone into the enemy’s base.

I retrieved Amelia’s phone from her bedside table and entered her passcode: 1264. We posed for a photo. After typing a caption, ‘My sister is so cute’, I pressed send. Placing her phone back on the table, I returned to my room and smiled behind my closed door.



Mum bustled down the hallway, followed closely by Amelia, who was once again feeding her face with chocolate chip cookies.

“Were you on Amelia’s Instagram?”

“I’m only 8. I don’t know what Instagram is,” I replied.

“You do so,” interrupted Amelia, spraying cookie crumbs all over the carpet, “You cracked my password and posted a picture of yourself”.

“I don’t even know what your password is”.

“You DO SO”.

“Amelia. Stop talking like that to your younger sister. Obviously she hasn’t. Go to your room and leave her alone”.

Mum returned to the kitchen.

Amelia was not impressed.


Although we were now even, I was not yet finished with Amelia.

I slapped my leg and pinched my arm, forcing myself to cry. Once the tears were flowing, I ran into Mum and Dad’s room.

“Jess, what’s wrong?” Mum left her paperwork.

“Aaaaamelia said that…that the tooth fairy’s not real”.

“Oh Jess. I am sure she was just joking”.

“She wasn’t”.

Mum frowned, “Go and tell Amelia that I would like to speak to her”.

I entered Amelia’s room, smiling. “Mum would like to speak to you”.


Although Amelia had received a serious telling off from Mum, the only way to keep her out of my room was through a punishment.

I grabbed the box of crayons from under my bed. Blue. Green. Black. After I had finished, I forced myself to cry again and limped outside, where Mum was watering.

“What is it, Jessy?”

“Mum,” I whimpered, “Amelia kicked me”. I pointed to my homemade bruise.


My sister made her way slowly outside. “What now?”

“Young lady. Your father will be hearing about this. Apologise to you sister”


That night, Amelia received a scolding. Listening from underneath my bedroom door, I found out that there would be no TV, no phone and no makeup for the rest of this week.

Amelia trudged back to her room, stopping briefly at my door.

“You win,” she replied.

Retrieving the Map of Mercriva

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Anuja | 13 NSW


‘Craash!’ Emi jumped at the shrill sound of shattering glass. ‘What is that?,’ she moaned sleepily. She sat up, rubbing her eyes. A sharp girly scream echoed through the corridor, followed by a boy, ‘shut up Adelyn!’ That switched her on, ‘Ben, Chester, Marco! Get up, somebody’s broken in.’ Dragging the boys out of bed, she raced up the spiral staircase and stood at the top, appalled by the state of the glass cabinet. It lay in shatters on the granite floor, books and files trashed on the ground.

They sorted through the remains of the cabinet. ‘Oh no,’ gasped Ben. ‘Our map of Mercriva is missing.’ ‘Not the map,’ cried Emi, dropping to her knees. ‘How will we discover Mercriva and become famous explorers now?’ The foursome were members of the Amethyst crew of Explorers, discovering Mercriva was their biggest dream. The whole team stood there, blank expressions, jaws dropped aimlessly open. Chester turned away, his attention on a shiny black article on the floor. ‘It’s a teleporting watch,’ he stammered, picking it up. ‘And, it belongs to the Diamante crew.’ ‘What!?’ they gasped. ‘The crew of disguised explorers,’ nodded Ben. ‘Their aim is to find Mercriva, rule it and steal its treasure.’ ‘I know that one name is Adelyn,’ Emi interrupted. ‘I heard it this morning after the crash, there was a boy too.’ Chester scribbled it down in his notebook.They split up to complete separate duties.

Chester looked for clues & Emi called Head.C (the head of their team). Chester and Marco went to the location labs to locate the crew. The team put their hands together, ‘GAME ON!!!’ they declared in unison. Head. C was earlier informed of the incident. ‘One spy has informed me that the Crew have come to your town, because they know it’s the last place you’d look,’ informed Head. C. ‘I’ll arrange a spy to inform you of further details.’ With that he cut the call. Emi informed the others. Moments later, her phone started ringing. ‘Hello?’ she asked. ‘Hello, this is Agent 001 from the XO,’ came a booming voice. ‘XO is the code word for our crew,’ whispered Chester. ‘Yep, this is Agent Emi, continue.’

‘The crew have come in a delivery truck, they’ve reached Carlemont rd and entered the-’ Agent 001’s voice cut off, followed with buzzing noises. ‘Damnit, the connection’s lost!’ shouted Emi. ‘We have enough info,’ exclaimed Ben. ‘Off to Carlemont Road, it’s left from the 2nd block after our street.’ On motorbikes the crew raced to Carlemont Road and in a matter of seconds they’d reached. The street was silent and dark but for a single streetlight. ‘Look for the truck,’ whispered Chester. They went past barren garden beds, to see the truck and an old barber shop. They tiptoed to the back to find a red door, labelled ‘emergency exit’. Emi pushed it, and the door eased open. They heard chatter from a room along the hallway. Ben creeped up and kicked it open. ‘Stop!’ he shouted. ‘We’re from the Amethyst Crew of Explorers and we’re here to get back our map!’ ‘No way!’ shouted the girl grabbing her laser to fire.

The team dodged every attack. Now frantic, she clutched the map close, looking for a nearby exit. Marco reached for a glass jar and aimed at her. The jar hit her and smashed. She dropped to the floor wailing. With their leader defeated, rest of them backed off. Emi grabbed the map and called Head.C to inform their success.

They raced back, brave and ready for their journey to discover Mercriva.

My Little Me By Neenah Ivory

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - neenah | 9 QLD


Many, many years ago a young lady named Neenah lived with five brothers, five sisters and two mums.

Their names were; Bob, Zander, Caleb, Reily, Thomas, Sam, Joe, Jen, Poppy, Katy, Zennah and Lola.

Neenah was an average child at once. She was a sporty kid that hated the library. She was cool but she dreamed to be as smart as a nerd.

Instead people called her Nerdy Neenah as she wore nerdy glasses and got an a+ on every test. That made her spend all her time studding at the library and she had no time for her sport interest.

Now that’s too far forward, let’s rewind back. In Neenah’s junior years she was the absolute best at sport. Her teacher once told her that she believed that Neenah would go far in her sport skill. Then one day she was talking to Chloe and they realized that they were opposites but, wanted to be like one another.

So when Christmas came that year both girls wished their wish. Then on Christmas day they each got what they wanted and swapped personalities.

Now this is where the nerdy part of Neenah comes in, with her top marks and nerdy attributes.

Later as Neenah got into her senior years at school her teachers started keeping her back during recess to talk to her about how her marks were sitting at each subject.

First her HPE teacher saw that something was wrong and decided to make her stay back. Then she forgot about the top marks and focused more on sport. But a few weeks later the other teachers were questioning her on why her marks had suddenly dropped. This went on for about two and a half months. But then Neenah knew she had a big decision to make.
Little did Neenah know that Chloe was able to keep up her marks and limit the amount of time that she spent on sport. Then Neenah had successfully brought her marks up and was sadly struggling to keep her marks up in sport.

Then her teachers were asking her, “Is it smart or sport?” but Neenah was unsure on what to choose. Luckily she had some time to think about her decision on the weekend.

By now she had realised that Chloe was able to do both. So late that afternoon, Neenah went to see Chloe to discuss the problem and their solutions.

Neenah was feeling the pressure but was still unsure.

The next day was Saturday and Neenah was still progressing on her solution. She had many ideas but none of them would work like; move away and give it all up. As you can see they’re not going to work out. So that night she asked her ten siblings and mums but they were confused about the situation. Though they thought about it for the night, her family and BFF Chloe all had a chat and solved the problem. B¬ut they kept it a secret to make sure it would work.

As soon as they knew exactly what would happen they told Neenah immediately. She agreed to try it and see if it would work.

It was now Monday and Neenah was ready to try. She went to school at 8:30am and suddenly felt a difference. So she walked up to the classroom and knew how she would go today. As she was going to settle down just a little in her marks and have some more time on sport and physical activity.

Neenah finally told her teachers, “I am going to balance out the marks that I got throughout the year by not being the best at either of the subjects from now on. I will go back to being my old self.”

The end

Sports Championship

Posted on: February 7th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Ayeshah Azzahra | 9 VIC


Andrea was swinging and chatting on the monkey bars with Steph, leader of the Five Friends, Mia, Olivia, and Emma, when Peter [a boy in their class] came up. He said to Steph, who was also the best sports-girl and had won many trophies and medals, “Hey, did you hear about the girls-only football competition? You should join, Steph. I think you’d win.” “Thanks, Peter,” Steph replied, blushing. She jumped down from the monkey bars. Steph beckoned for the others to follow. They obeyed Steph and jumped down as well. Peter continued, still speaking to Steph, “The match is tomorrow. Do you want to join, together with those others?” He gestured towards Emma and the others. “Okay,” agreed Steph.

She headed towards the principal’s office, the others trailing behind her. Peter yelled, “No, that’s wrong! Go to the gym. Coach Jen will be there.” He went away, grinning. Steph turned abruptly to the gym. The others followed. Coach Jen was nowhere to be seen. “Where is she?” whispered Andrea to Steph. “I don’t know – ” Suddenly Coach Jen appeared. “Hello children,” she said, waving. “Want to join the match?” The Five Friends nodded. They followed her to her office. “All of you?” Coach Jen asked. Mia nodded. Coach Jen signed them up. “You will all be in one team, I can assure you that. ” “Thanks Coach Jen.” they chorused. They all filed out into the hall and banged into Juliet, a sports champ too. The Five Friends looked at each other.

It was the day of the big match. The Five Friends were wearing same shirts and pants. All of them had their hair tied into a ponytail. The match had begun and Steph’s team was in the lead even though Juliet, the best, best, footballer was on the other team. “Kick it to me!” yelled Vicky, one of their classmates. Her team member kicked it towards Vicky. She scored a goal. “Yay!” their team yelled. Steph frowned determinedly. She had to win. She had. Steph couldn’t let the others down. Juliet smirked at Steph and mouthed, “I’m winning.” Steph turned her back on Juliet. Andrea yelled, “Watch out, Steph!” just as a ball hit Steph from the back. Steph screamed and fell forwards. She awkwardly got up and kicked the ball towards her team’s goal. It whizzed and bounced. The goalkeeper got grazed with it and rubbed her ankle. Meanwhile, the ball rolled past her and into the goal.

Juliet put a cold smile onto her face. She called out, “Mrs Coach, may we have a discussion?” Coach Jen replied disdainfully, “It’s Coach Jen, thank you. Yes, you all may have a discussion.” Juliet nodded and smiled. She turned her back on the Five Friends and discussed with her team. Steph huddled closer to the others and whispered, “Let’s distract them while playing.” “No,” insisted Mia, “I think we should keep kicking the ball to each other, while we stand close to each other so that they can’t get the ball, not distract.” The others agreed at once. They walked back into play. Steph stood near Andrea and kicked the ball to her. Andrea stood near to Emma and kicked the ball to her. It continued like that until Juliet interrupted, saying, “Look at that person! Steph, there’re your parents!” They paid no attention. The Five Friends kept kicking and kicking until – Slam! The ball banged into the goal. Hooray! The score was;



Coach Jen came out of the shadows. “Congratulations, TEAM! You have won!” She took out five tiny gold trophies. “Here you are, Five Friends!” They all cheered.

The End

The League Cup

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Dylan | 9 ACT


The stadium was roaring as the players walked out. The sun was shining, they were up.

They walked out with pride onto the field.

Ronaldo, in his pitch black Adidas jersey and Hazard in his plain white Nike soccer, faced each other ready to play.

The stern-faced referee flipped a coin. It was won by Hazard who chose tails. Hazard went for kick off. Ronaldo looked like he had victory in his hands.

The doctors got ready for action. The subs got into their places. The coaches got into their boxes. Players got on the field ready to whip it in the net.
The whistle blasted. Hazard passed to Alexis Sanchez a good attacker and dribblier. He passed to the left wing, Salah. He dribbled it forward like there was no tomorrow.

Salah was tackled by world class defender Sergio Ramos. He passed to Sergio Buscets who passed to Griezman. Gary Cahill slide tackled Griezman. Gary Cahill earned himself a yellow card.

It was a penalty kick from the white, half way line. Modric took the kick. He Lobed it (To pass in the air) and Couthinho headed it in the goal. “Goal!!!” yelled the loud speaker. La Liga were filled with joy as they celebrated. Meanwhile Premier League were very sad.

Hazard passed to Harry Kane, he ran forward and passed it to Sterling. He sprinted and tried to cross it to Morata but instead, Navas kicked it away and hit De Bruyne in the face.

The doctors rushed on the field. He was as hurt as an ant that was squashed by a shoe. He was substituted with Dele Alli. The fans were filled with disappointment.

Soon enough, Ibrahimović had scored to even out the score. The fans cheered. It was La Liga kick off at half time.

They were playing a good match. Suddenly, Hazard got the ball. “5, 4,3!” yelled the crowd, “2!” He shot.

“Goal!!!. The win goes to Premier League,” boomed the loud speaker. The crowd roared. Premier League were awarded the trophy.

They were as happy as a mouse with a big piece of mozzarella cheese.

Flight to the Moon

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Abbey | 11 VIC


Will was ready.

It was now dusk, the time every one was waiting for was nearly here. He lined up along with the fireflies, mosquitoes, lace wings, crickets, grasshoppers. The bustle of insects caused chaotic noise with all of the clicking from the crickets and buzzing from the mosquitoes. There were many birds up late trying to get the most out of the big feast before them. Will had taken cover under a rather large leaf to hide from the sparrows that were flying inches above his head.

The day was turning cooler and soon fell into night. He heard the familiar howl of the wolf. That was his cue to start. The birds scattered as the insects took off suddenly. He quickly tired, but he couldn’t land and all of his friends that had tried didn’t return home; he was doing this for them – and besides, if he tried to land he would be trampled by the swarm of other contestants.

Will was determined to get there first, no matter how tired and sore his wings were…

It was day break and the first fingers of light were poking through the trees. It was time for him to rest. He fell asleep on the underside of a willow tree branch.

Will woke, it was cold and dark. He was close to the moon, but he had over slept. The other insects would have beaten him. He took off quickly, the cold night air against his cheeks. He was almost there. On the ground thousands of insects lay, motionless. They had probably died of there own accord from the long flight. \

He flew, full pelt onto the moon. Instead of sitting and yelling for victory, Winnie fell back as if he had been electrocuted – which is exactly what happened.

He made one last twitch and stopped dead next to his other moth friends. He was one of the many that thought the human fly zapper was the moon.

I’m sure you would agree this was a game not worth winning!