SRC Short Stories

Gracie the Galah

  Gracie stared out of the tree she lived in. “Mum, why couldn’t I have been a koala? Or a wombat? Or even a platypus?” Gracie asked. “Because,” her Mum responded, “Because you were just destined to be a galah! Don’t you just love flying through the air and eating those delicious juicy, red berries … Continued

A Martian Rover’s View

  The land was a barren desert, red ochre colour and full of craters and holes. The atmosphere was immensely hot but there was no sign of where the heat was coming from. The craters were huge and could easily hold a house or two, just like the one’s that had covered the face of … Continued

Curiousity Beckons…

  The sky was dark, yet in here seemed like the outside was more comforting. When I said that to myself, I immediately regretted that choice. Out there I would freeze to death, yet inside I could relax and enjoy the heat. It was so peaceful, no one around, nothing to do, no worries in … Continued

The Boy

  Why was the boy standing there, he had been there for hours and it was it was freezing outside. I was curious – what was he doing? The boy was around 5 foot 4’’ and had sprout-like tufts of ginger that had been roughly plastered to his head with a gel substance. Pale skin … Continued

A Dog’s Perspective

  The box was ragged at the corners and didn’t seem to have been closed properly, yet it gave a sense of protection to me. It’s musty smell that clung to my fur like leaves on a rake early on an Autumn’s day. The outside seemed dark, yet I could not see out of my … Continued

The Paper

  It was early April and the leaves were falling faster than ever, twirling and flying outside my window, as I stared longing out. I had been left inside before my trip to the States, forbidden to see the other children as I have never ventured out onto those streets. I knew everything about my … Continued

The Words in my Head

  I was at a restaurant drinking some lemon, lime and bitters. The beverage tasted lovely with a sharp tang. I looked down into the street and saw the children having fun skipping and playing Hopscotch. When I looked back into my drink, I could see that cold solemn face staring back at me. Suddenly … Continued

Curious Creatures

  Coming out at night Under the stars they discover and find Running around the countryside Interested in what they find Outstanding how they adapt to the environment Unusual textures of their skins Smell – the sense to aid in darkness Cunning and adventurous Reading the lay of the land Eternal wandering in search of … Continued

The Boy in the Snow

  Why was the boy standing there? He had been standing in the same spot for what seemed like hours, never moving, and it was freezing cold. I was curious and perplexed – what was he doing? I glanced down to look at my watch. It was now 10 minutes past 9 and the snow … Continued

The Lychee Stinkbug

  You probably haven’t heard of me. I am a lychee stinkbug. If you have been living in Randwick you would probably see me and my friends, eating away on the wooden fence. Many people think I am disgusting. That’s probably because I squirt out smelly liquid when I’m threatened. I also clump in huge … Continued