SRC Short Stories

The New World

  Running. It is a unique day for me, Mike Neverworld, on July 24th. I am running. Running away from my home and into the forest. Never stopping until I stumble across a box, a dark green box. It is hidden so well it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Except the … Continued

The Haggis Hunt

  Jason was on the car with his mum and dad early in the morning and heading to a “must go in Scotland place” according to his dad they were going on some sort of wild goose chase. Then they arrived at a tiny World Heritage-listed village called New Lanark. It was an hour south … Continued

Ivy’s Tree

  Once upon a time, there was a snail called Ivy. The snail came up to a tree and she didn’t know what it was. It all started when she saw the tree. “Oh what’s that?” she asked a person, who was walking by but the person couldn’t hear Ivy the Snail. And then Ivy … Continued

Picnic in the woods at night

  It was a very warm summers night. I was tossing and turning and could not get to sleep. We had no fan or aircon in our room. I did not want to wake my parents because I would only get in trouble. Due to the heat and the amount of water I was losing, … Continued

The Amazing Bears

  Once upon a time, there were three bears who woke up from a deep sleep. Mother and Father bear were up and they were making porridge. Strangely, when Father bear put the oats into the water it immediately began to boil. He put the pot on the stove and walked upstairs to wake Baby … Continued

The Womcock

  It was Australia Day in the bush. A little wombat had a rest on a log when a fern got stuck in his bum. So he sat on a rock but a feather got stuck too, then some leaves, a pine needle, some hair and lots of flowers. Emus, kangaroos, koalas all said, “He … Continued

Curious creature in the classroom: A Poem

  Curious Creature in the classroom: A Poem I am sitting right at the back of the classroom, And nobody at all will know. The teacher is standing near the blackboard, And is wearing a coat with a bow. I am an Alien that has come from Mars, To see how it feels on earth. … Continued

The baby curious creature and the gigantic cave!

  I went to the forest with my friend “Dianne and Janice” to take photos one day, and then, we saw the gigantic cave. It was so huge, that giants can fit through the cave. So we went through the gigantic cave easily, and we saw some curious creatures and one of them has a … Continued

The Dragons Fire Crystal

  Once, there was a small village. In this village lived young boy, full of spirit and always found climbing trees or listening to the elders. This boys name was Teddy. Now Teddy was listening to the elders. They were telling him a story. It was about a dragon that was living in the mountains, … Continued

Kindness Counts

  KINDNESS COUNTS By Rose Hann The morning sunshine slid down the burrow and onto the face of Rosie Rabbit. “Crunch, crunch!” Said her alarm clock. Rosie rolled over and hopped out of bed. She washed her face and slipped into a red top and a pink pair of shorts. Then Rosie made a carrot, … Continued