Your Stories and Poems

The Former

  Jack was scared. The Former were at it again. Jack knew he couldn’t evade them forever and he knew he would eventually have to make a stand, but his powers were just starting to show. He was the last of his kind, they were hunted years ago to near extinction. He was a Shaper … Continued

Pippin the Puppy

  “Squawk, squawk,” went the Cockatoos overhead, startled I woke up. Every morning the Cockatoos screech very loudly, I yawned, got up and whined to be let out. When no one came I yapped and banged on the window. “Pippin, here boy,” called one of my owners. That’s me I am Pippin a 13 week … Continued

Revenge of the Fruit

  Along time ago, in a local market, there was a fruit stall. Full of fruit, angry fruit. All the fruits across the world were filled with spite towards humans. They didn’t like being eaten all the time and being shipped off in big boats to other places. So, the fruits made a program for … Continued

Killer Martians

Bang! Issac jumped at the unexpected noise. “What was that” he said. Issac Cortex was star gazing before the noise and knew he had to go to dinner soon, but curiosity won over and he set off in the direction he had heard the noise. After walking what seemed like hours but probably was only … Continued

The Story of Philippa

  Philippa stared up at the school. She was in 6th grade and she was 11. Starting middle school. “Perfect!” her mum had said. “Because everyone else will be new too!” Philippa had strongly disagreed. A song started playing that Philippa had never heard before. All the students streamed into the school. Philippa tried going … Continued

Beautiful Ballerina

  Beautiful and graceful Always dainty Leaps and jumps Leaps and even more leaps Elegant Run daintily around In a ballet room Nice Always kind

We invite you to share your poems and stories

While you are at home, we invite you to continue to practice your creative writing skills. In this online, safe space, you can post your stories for feedback from Club members near and far. Please keep your word count to 500 words or less! Happy writing 🙂