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Possible Ideas

  Hi! I am loving summer reading club. I also have a few possible ideas for another year. I like coming up with ideas. Maybe we can have an otherworldly theme, where you can come up with your own worlds, realms and planets, any place not on earth. I also liked the book birds idea … Continued

SRC club and reading challenge.

  I love participating in the SRC. Have been a part of it for many years. Have been part of the online SRC for the past two years two. Love the fun activities, blogs and prizes. I wish that a reading club for young adults could be created so they too could participate as I … Continued

The Blog Chats

  Hi, It’s Vienna! Everytime we come back to Summer Reading Club it’s Christmas. It’s nice to blog talk too, especially at Christmas because it’s get lonely away from school and when my friends go away on holidays. Mr Cameron is very creative and does good videos and is funny. He is the best at … Continued

Old fashioned authors

  Hi, It’s Kelsea. I know there are lots and lots of authors for boys and girls books. I write fan fiction. This year I am requesting a favour for something I would like to see in the Summer Reading Club. It is to request chosen authors from the past and what made them famous. … Continued

THE BEST Reading Club forever

  Jack’s Poem The Summer Reading Club is clever, The Best Reading Club forever. You write your note and send a post, Then wait for a reply from the host. The bloggers do the best job don’t worry, They tell you secrets to write the best story. At home online the secrets appear. And reading … Continued

Summer Reading Club is awesome!!!

  I think that Summer Reading Club is great because you get to read as many books as you want and you can earn cool prizes. It also helps you to read a lot and visit libraries in different locations. I have been participating in SRC for last 3 years and I always eagerly wait … Continued

Idea for Next Year

  How about a spy /detective / mystery theme? I think there is a lot of “scope for imagination” ( Anne of Green Gables) in that theme.