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Gosh, what a ride we have travelled together. I hope you have had as much fun as I have. It’s been awesome getting to know you better, and I’ve been blown away by your fascinating, intelligent and very curious comments. I can definitely see some very talented writers out there in the Summer Reading Club. … Continued

8. Curious about the future?

I feel a bit sad that this is our last blog post together, but I’ve had a brilliant time discovering the curiosities of creatures with you all. It can also be sad when you finish a book that you’ve loved, and you won’t get to spend time with the characters (and creatures) again. Fortunately, there … Continued

7. Curious to find some hidden clues?

I can’t believe we are up to blog post 7 already! I wonder what we have yet to discover about curious creatures? In fact, it’s often tricky to find animals with their amazing ability to camouflage themselves in their natural environment. We probably walk past many animals every day without even realising that they are … Continued

6. I’m curious about you!

Gosh, you are all amazing me with your great responses and feedback on this blog. It’s been a great summer of reading, creativity and curious creatures so far. By now you might have seen my two picture books, ‘The Lion in our Living Room’ and ‘The Bear in our Backyard.’ Of course, the living room … Continued

5. Curiously Fantastical!

It’s time for our next blog post! So far, we have discussed realistic creatures, but what about the weird and wonderful, the mythical and the make-believe creatures of fantasy worlds? You can have so much fun inventing imaginary creatures! Do you have a favourite mythical or fictional creature in a book? Perhaps the kind-hearted and … Continued

4. Curious about diversity.

Hello again! I hope you are having a lovely holiday and you are finding time to delve into some great reading adventures. We have talked about discovering creatures at home in your backyard, and I am sure you know some ways you can help animals find food and shelter and encourage them into your environment. … Continued

3. Curious facts!

Hello! There are so many fascinating facts to learn about animals. When I am writing my books, I spend a lot of time at the library researching animal behaviour. I read about them, watch videos to see how they move, and I try to observe them in real life whenever possible. Perhaps you could observe … Continued

2. Keep your curiosity alive!

Hello again! I hope you have had a fabulous week. I wonder what you have learnt; what you have discovered, and what questions you have asked? I think adults can learn a lot from children, especially by remembering to be curious and to keep asking questions. It’s incredible how much you can learn just by … Continued

1. Welcome to my collection of curious creatures!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Summer Reading Club! I wonder if you have any curious creatures in your life? I know that I have always been surrounded by animals, from the insects and birds in the garden to my family pets. Here is a photo of our very first dog, Twiggy. She was an … Continued

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

  I’m so excited about the Curious Creatures Summer Reading Club! Is that a ROAAAR I just heard? I can’t wait to meet new friends, discover new curious creatures and share some behind-the-scenes information about my books. I will tell you all the gossip about how my first picture book, The Lion in our Living … Continued