Curious Creatures in Libraries

Oh the Places You’ll Go…

  Hello Club Members and Happy New Year! Can you believe there are only 21 days remaining of this year’s Summer Reading Club? Time is flying by! Our last post invited you to share the curious creatures that fascinate you–both real and imagined. This week we invite you to think about the books that you … Continued

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

  Hello Club Members! So many of the stories we read are filled with unforgettable creatures. This year’s Summer Reading Club: Curious Creatures theme encourages you to connect with them all: From real animals (like lions and tigers and bears) to the imagined (like Nifflers or a Zouwu from J. K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts: The … Continued

The SRC is back!

  Welcome back Club members and an extra special big HELLO to our first time participants! It seems just like yesterday we were wrapping up last year’s GAME ON program and saying goodbye to summer… and now look, here we are! Back all ready and raring to go! We hope you have had an excellent … Continued

Curious Creatures in Libraries

  Get ready to explore a curiosity of creatures this summer. From the real to imagined, actual to mythological, microscopic to megafauna, and all of Australia’s marvellous marsupials in between! Libraries across the country this summer are preparing to help you discover new worlds through reading and participation in their holiday programs. Check in each … Continued