Book Raves

Tinkerbell and the Pirate Princess

  I like the fairies in this book. This book is about a fairy who steals the magic fairy dust. Tinkerbell and her friends find out the fairy dust is missing. They go on a hunt to find it. They see that the fairy has joined the pirates. To find out more, read this story. … Continued

Sherlock Holmes

  In ”The Five Orange Pips,” Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are visited by a young man named John Openshaw. He asks Holmes to help him with ”a hereditary matter” that endangers his life. I love how just some clues can lead to a entire answer. This book is a mystery book that is for … Continued

Crystal Coldwater

  I love this book’s structure and characters. Crystal and her friends all own a beautiful animal. Emerald really knows how to inspire me.

The Knight At Dawn

  Two children brother and sister travel in time to the time of Knights. I like this book because it is really exiting and it’s really fun! I rate it 5 stars! The book is by Mary Osborne.

Pink-Paw’s Painting

  An artist named Pink-Paw who is a mouse receives an invitation to paint a picture for and old mouse home for old mouses. What will she paint? I like this book because it is so interesting! I rate it 5 stars! Book by Emily Rodda.

Treasure Island

  This is a legendary book by Geronimo Stilton about treasure, you will love it! There is adventure all the way and just wait until they hide the treasure at the end of the book… 4 stars!

The Race to Kangaroo Cliff by Alexander McCall Smith

  The Race to Kangaroo Cliff is the third instalment in Alexander McCall Smith’s School Ship Tobermory series. This time the Tobermory is heading down-under to participate in a race from Cairns to Kangaroo Cliff (as far as I know Kangaroo Cliff is a made up place although it is said to be near Darwin). … Continued

James and the giant peach by Roald Dahl

  This book was about a boy called James who’s mum and dad got eaten by a rhino,and he has to stay with his horrible and mean aunts. I loved the adventures that James and the insects from the peach went on. I think that people who like fantasy stories can read this book. I … Continued

Holes by Louis Pachar

  This book was about a boy who has been sent to jail for stealing. He has to dig holes to build confidence, but there is something he is really digging for. I loved the adventure and mystery in the book. I think this book would be great for people who like mysteries. I rate … Continued

The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson

  The classroom bear gets to go home with each child every weekend. But one day, a child loses him in a puddle. How does he find his way back home? A nice story with cute illustrations. I liked the bear’s adventures very much. I rate this book 5 stars.