Summer Reading Club
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Book Raves


Summer Reading – that’s what this club is all about.


All summer long SRC Club Members have been raving about the books they have been reading.

If you posted a Book Rave, you are now in the running to win a Game On inspired prize pack. Three winners will be announced late March, 2018.


SRC Book Rave Guidelines:
  • Use your own words to rave about your book
  • Rave only about one book per post
  • Keep you rave short–the purpose of your rave is to encourage others to read your book recommendation!
  • Tell what you like about the book, but don’t give too much away
  • Include the author’s name and
  • Give your book a rating –
    • 5 stars = I love this book and never want to put it down!
    • 4 stars = This book kept me reading to the end. I’d read it again!
    • 3 stars = This book was okay. One more for the book log.
    • 2 stars = I like bits of this book, but overall I’m not likely to borrow again.
    • 1 star = I didn’t particularly like it, but give it a go–it could be your next favourite!