Silly Sidekicks

NEWSFLASH! THERE IS A COMPETITION BELOW! Hi Summer Reading Clubbers, ‘Shiver me sunburn, it’s hot!’ If you are in a cold part of the country, please ignore the above comment. It’s just something Hook Hand Horace would say. I’m often asked who my favourite character is. It’s hard to choose. It’s like trying to pick … Continued

Curiosity Killed (or Saved) the Cat

Hi Summer Reading Clubbers, I hope you’ve enjoyed your week. You have probably heard the saying, Curiosity killed the cat. But have you ever heard the saying Curious creatures make really cool stories? Probably not. I just made it up. Curious creatures are often the best characters to have in a story. Why? Well, without … Continued

Summer Shenanigans

Hi Summer Reading Clubbers, Well, summer is finally here. Some of you have finished school for the year, and some of you still have a few weeks of term left. Whatever your situation, there is no denying that summer is a fabulous time. I love spending time outdoors – exploring, traveling and getting ideas for … Continued

Dr. Cameron’s Curious Creatures

  Hello Summer Reading Clubbers! I am so excited to be writing this blog throughout summer and chatting with you as you embark on a journey of reading and discovery. I also look forward to sharing some secrets about the curious creatures in my books. Check in each week as there will be new posts, … Continued