Creatures with Bite

Hi Summer Reading Clubbers,

I thought it would be good to end the year with a BANG … I mean a BITE!

So far we have looked at the four main heroes of the Scallywags series. This blog will focus on a villain. He’s big, scary and notorious for chomping on anything he can sink his teeth into. His name is Chomper O’Many. The O is short for Of. Quite literally he is a chomper of many. 

I first introduced the Chomping Crocs in my sixth Pie Rats novel, The Golden Anchor.  It was then that I decided a giant saltwater crocodile would make the perfect bully for the School of Scallywags.

The O’Manys are a very big family and I had a lot of names to choose from: Eater O’Many, Biter O’Many, Cruncher O’Many, Grinder O’Many, Chewer O’Many, Gnawer O’Many, Muncher O’Many, Gulper O’Many, Swallower O’Many, Digester O’Many, Drooler O’Many, Mama O’Many, Old Toothless O’Many and Little Nibbler O’Many. What a mouthful!


I eventually settled on Chomper. The decision was partly inspired by a local takeaway shop. I confess, I have never eaten there, but looking at the menu through the window I could tell it was the kind of place Chomper O’Many would love. I think you would need a mouth the size of Chomper’s to gulp down some of the triple-decker burgers on offer!

There is even an option  to replace the burger buns with doughnuts! A main course and dessert in one. It’s Chomper’s dream night out.


Speaking of larger than life characters (and burgers) I wanted to share one of my favorite strategies in this week’s writing tip. I like to call it Super Similes, and this is how it works:

Instead of writing a normal simile like: Chomper ran as fast as a cheetah, you add several fast things together to create a Super Simile. An example would be: Chomper ran as fast as a cheetah in rocket boots! Or perhaps: Chomper is as tough as the Incredible Hulk in titanium armour! Try it in your next story.

  • Curious Creature Profile: Chomper O’Many
  • Animal: Saltwater crocodile.
  • Future Pirate Crew: Chomping Crocs.
  • Strengths: Really strong. Has really sharp teeth. Has a really big mouth. Everything is big about him!
  • Weaknesses: Can be a little too confident and arrogant.
  • Likes: Chomping things. Picking on Mischief McScruff.
  • Distinguishing features: Scar over his right eye. Scaly skin.
  • Favourite saying: He likes to change Mischief’s last name to McWimp, McFaliure, McMess and other such insults.

Happy New Year, and try not to bite on anything nasty!

25 responses

    Hi Dr Cameron.
    I have made a sword for Chopper O’many to swallow from paper.
    The sword is like the one from Excaliber. I don’t draw crocodiles very much drawings I like to do are girls and faces and hairstyles and buildings. I like to draw teeth. Teeth of all different sizes are interesting. Sharp teeth show a scarier creature. Puff the magic dragon has big teeth he’s not scary he is loud and sad.

    Hi Vienna,
    You are right. Puff isn’t a particularly scary character. I like to give characters bigger eyes if I want them to be friendly or cute regardless of the size of their teeth.
    Dr Cameron

    Some of your drawings are scary. I would not like to meet the characters from Scallywags unless I had a bodyguard with me.The bad guys look evil and you have loads of bad guys. Are you the illustrations drawer for all your bad guys? I’m good at drawing things using a ruler.

    Hi Jack,
    The bad guys look scary, but they don’t do anything particularly evil in my stories. Out of all the animals still alive on earth crocodiles are probably my number one pick for really scary animals. Unlike a shark they can still hunt you out of the water! Yes, you’ll need a bodyguard to protect you from real crocs.
    Dr Cameron

    I would use a shot gun not in the water and a hunting knife for defending myself against the traitoress crocodile and man eating sharks

    Hi Jack,
    I avoid guns in my stories, preferring more creative weapons. A cannon firing rotten pies is one of my favourites.
    Dr Cameron

    Shading and coloring is something I do use bright rainbow colors. The world atlas is a picture I really like to color.
    I have a plot… When the Scallywags pull up their anchor to sail the compass goes bananas. The Scallywags are lost at sea and have to navigate their way home taking notice of color of the water for how deep it is and if there are coral reefs below. Sailing around the world for boats and ocean trawlers is easy when pirate ships stay out of the way. The Scallywags need more supplies so they intercept an ocean trawler filled with prawns.

    Hi Kelsea,
    Thanks for your creative ideas. I love using colours, too. Unfortunately my Scallywags books are printed in black and white, so I only get to use colour on the covers. It’s fun to shade with lead pencils though.
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Kelsea,
    Yes, black and white shading can enhance a scary character. It’s what you would see on a moonlit night. There are not many bright pink or rainbow-coloured characters that terrify children!
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Dr Cameron,
    I love Chomper O’Many he is very brightly coloured with all the greens on him. He looks very tough. If I were describing him the words I would use would be tough,strong,courageous and very Hungry!!!
    Happy New Year!

    Hi Madi,
    Chomper is a bit of a tough guy. And yes, he does have one enormous appetite!
    Happy New Year to you, too.
    Dr Cameron

    Dear Dr Cameron
    Chopper O’Mary is a saltwater crocodile , one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world to humans, who looks very Hungry.I He also looks a bit scary , brave , courageous and strong with a heart of steal and determination to always get what he wants. I think he would be one of the most dangerous villains in Scallywaggs. I love the colours you used in the illustration, they go well together and are bright and viabrant.The donut burger is pretty cool , two meals in one. Where did you get your inspiration for Chhopper from? What are your goals for 2019?
    Happy new year!

    Hi Sahansa,
    I’m not one for making New Year’s resolutions, but I have goals to complete the fifth Scallywags novel, The Wham Bam Gran, as well has writing the next Pie Rats novel. I’ll see what I have a achieved this time next year …
    Dr Cameron

    Dear Dr Cameron,
    It is really exciting that the next books in both the series are coming out next year. I can’t wait!
    Happy New Year!

    To Dr Cameron
    I’ve got an idea for your Scallywag series: another Scallywag bully could be a bulldog that whenever it sees somebody, he headbutts them!
    From Daniel

    Thanks for the idea, Daniel.
    Your beastly bulldog certainly sounds like a bully with all that headbutting!
    Keep up the creativity,
    Dr Cameron

    To Dr Cameron
    I’ve got ANOTHER Scallywag bully: a dragon and whenever it’s angry, it doesn’t just breath fire out of it’s mouth – also it’s nose and ears!
    From Daniel.

    P.S. look at the drawing in the gallery of a dragon – it might be mine!

    Hi Cameron,
    Chomper o’Many is a very creative creature. I like the sound of a doughnut burger too. That is also very creative.

    Chomper you said hé can champ on a lot but exactly how much. Also how did you get thé idea of Hulk in iron armour.

    Similes work well when you use things people know about. I chose two popular Marvel characters and combined them together – Hulk and Iron Man.
    Dr Cameron

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