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Hello Summer Reading Clubbers!

I am so excited to be writing this blog throughout summer and chatting with you as you embark on a journey of reading and discovery.

I also look forward to sharing some secrets about the curious creatures in my books. Check in each week as there will be new posts, and even a competition!

All my books feature anthropomorphic characters on some crazy, curious adventures. Some of you might be wondering what anthropomorphic means? Ask someone older and see it they know what it means (shhhh, it means ‘giving the characteristics of humans to other things’. If the person you asked doesn’t know what it means, you can now tell them the answer). A good example of an anthropomorphic character is an animal who talks, dresses and behaves like a human – like Puss in Boots.

You see, after completing my Doctorate of Visual Arts (many, many, many years at university), I began working at the Natural History Museum in London (like the cool museum in the movie ‘Night at the Museum’). I don’t think the animals came alive at night like in the movie, but it was here that I began writing and illustrating stories inspired by the animals in the museum. I have been writing and illustrating stories with curious creatures ever since.

My latest series is called ‘Scallywags.’ It’s about a crazy school for pirates (who are also animals). The first two books were released in 2018 and there are another two coming out in 2019. Oh, and I’ll be working on the fifth book during summer. Stay tuned for some excusive sneak-peaks of Scallywags and the Hungry Hairy Sea Monster and Scallywags and the Stormy Secret.

Summer is my favourite time to read, write and illustrate. I hope to do some reading at home, in the library and even at the beach.

So tell me, where will you be reading this summer?

I am looking forward to this journey with you.


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    I like reading I don’t like to read all the time when I read it’s underneath the bed. underneath the bed is dark I own a torch. I read Spiderman and science books on how creatures change their shapes. I read about Gases and Electricity and lightning I know it’s easy to be killed in dangerous places.
    School is not finished for me so I just want to say Hi Dr Cameron

    Hi Jack,
    Enjoy the rest of school. Science books are pretty cool to read. I try to find out lots of facts to use in my own stories. Unlike you, I can’t fit under my bed to read!
    Dr Cameron

    Hello its Vienna, it is breakfast time we are going to christmas carols singing later.

    I love to read about Puff the Magic Dragon.
    The King and Cook is a funny book to.

    Hi Vienna,
    We have Christmas carols this weekend. I’m not much of a singer, but I do like making up silly songs!
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Dr Cameron
    I’m Madi and I’ll be reading in my nice warm cosy bed! I love reading if I could i’d do it every day all day! my favourite book to read is Harry Potter! I look forward to talking to you this summer!!! (:

    Hi Madi,
    Yes, Harry Potter books are really enjoyable. My house has books lying all over the place (my daughters make the mess, not me)! It’s kind of cool because there is always something to pick up and read!
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Dr Cameron
    My names Cody and I love to read! My favourite books are fact, Star Wars and minecraft books! My favourite to read is my bed.
    From Cody

    Hi Cody,
    I’m a Star Wars fan, too. In fact, when I wrote and illustrated my first story at primary school I drew Han Solo clothes on the main character!
    Dr Cameron

    Dear Dr Cameron, I like your videos they are a bit scary but all the characters are very funny. I like the mouse because it had the knife and fork crossbones. Do you like looking for treasure, because pirates look for treasure and you write about pirates?

    Hi Joel,
    Yes, I like a bit of suspense (scary music etc) in some of my book trailers. Check out the Scallywags if you want more of the funny characters.
    My favourite treasure hunting experience was when we discovered a trapdoor to a cellar under our kitchen floor. We went down with torches and found a whole lot of old glass gars and bottles. No gold unfortunately!
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Dr Cameron,
    My name is Nick. This is my first time blogging. I’m EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite author is Rick Riordan. Look forward to blogging with you.

    Hi Nick,
    I love Rick Riordan’s books. I need to find time to read The Burning Maze book this summer. Do you have a favourite story?
    Dr Cameron.

    Hey Dr Cameron,

    I asked my Mum what anthropomorphic means. Of course, she didn’t know. Ha ha! It was hilarious. (Actually before you told me, I didn’t know either.) Is anthropomorphic kind of like personification?

    Hi Anna,
    Yes, anthropomorphism could be seen as similar to personification. They are both great ways to turn non-human things into human-like objects and creatures.
    Dr Cameron

    Hi Dr Cameron,
    I have never heard of anthropomorphic before. It is probably the third longest word I have ever heard of after Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia (fear of long words) and pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis (a lung disease caused by inhaling small bits of ash and grains of sand).

    Hi Dr Cameron,
    In the Summer I love to write, read and draw. Although I am not the best drawer. I love to read outside as the weather is lovely y in Tasmania.

    I love reading on my trampoline while im lying down watching the clouds. when I get to an exciting part I start to bounce around and it adds to the fun!!

    Hi great monster! and the name was funny.I made one to! The names Rainbow snumaphant a snake crossed with a human crossed with a elephant!

    So I have a couple questions, and I’m wondering if you can help me. So I write my own story’s a lot like yours, and I was wondering how you got it published? Did you have to go to many different publishers or what?
    I thought the best person to ask would be to an author.
    From Esme

    Hi Esme,
    Thanks for your questions.
    There a several ways to get a book published. You can contact publishers directly. Many have guidelines on their websites to let you know how to do this. Not all publishers will look at your story, so it’s best to do some research. Find out what Australian publishers are publishing (look at the new releases at your library) and see how your book fits in.
    Some authors also have an agent who takes a manuscript (unpublished book) to publishers.
    The third option is to have a few copies of your stories printed in a book format without a publisher, so you have something to share with your family and friends. This is sometimes called ‘print on demand’. If you have someone to help you with editing, design and covers etc you can then upload and print a few copies at a time to get you started. One option for this is a website called ‘Ingram Spark’. Google it to find out more.
    Dr Cameron

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