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William’s Mad Libs

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - william | 6 QLD


William woke to find himself in a neat world. The snow was in the sky, and the sky was beneath his feet.

The scary hummingbird – no other birds could survive out here – walked past impossibly, their claws somehow above their bodies.

The leaves were thick up the top and thinner at the bottom.

William’s head was pounding like a heart.

His ankles felt sore and hot.

It wasn’t until he tried to move that he realised the truth. He had been hung up by his ankles. When he craned his neck to peer at the rough rope, he recognised the knots, tied by delicate feminine hands.

Prue, he thought. I should have seen this coming.

He opened his mouth to yell for help, but then he thought better of it.

Prue might still be nearby, and she didn’t yet know he was alive. He might still get the drop on her.

She had left his hands hanging. Kindness or foolishness? It didn’t matter. He checked the holster on his hip.

His sword was gone. His pistol? Gone. His emergency life jacket? Gone. But she had left him with one weapon. His knife.

Grunting like a baboon, he folded his body at the hips, grabbed his ankles, and started chewing on the rope.

It tasted disgusting, like poo and soddenly he realised why. It was his own socks.

Prue probably thought that was funny. Finally, the last strands of the rope broke.

William barely had time to cover his head before he hit the beach like a sack of potatoes.

He got to this feet, dusted the snow off his suit and looked around at the scary forest.

He saw no-one-yet the forest seemed to look back. ‘Alright, Prue‘ he muttered. ‘Game on’.

William entered the forest not knowing that there was a giant spider that would kill him if he went past the web. As he walked he saw another weapon, his sword! He was relieved that he had his sword back. He walked a little more to find the giant spider web, as he looked at the web he felt scared. His eyes widened like a moon as he saw the giant spider in the far corner of its web.

While looking around he saw Prue in the spiders web. ‘Help me’ Prue said. She threw her sticky vine to William, he grabbed it and hooked the spider to the end and pulled as hard as ever before. He threw the giant spider on top of a couple of sharp bones that were lying about. The spider snapped onto them and died and lots of blood was around it.

William climbed up the web with his web protected gloves and shoes and grabbed Prue and dragged her down the web. Once she was down they took all the extra bits of web off her.

Prue gave all Williams stuff back and they went back home.

The end.

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