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space craft special edition 2017

The Final Encounter

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Amy | 12 VIC


Seth realised it would be a bad idea to walk in the middle of the forest, making him easy to spot.

He crouched down behind the tree he was bound to, hoping Hendra will find him that way. He could feel his simple watch still pressed against his forearm, glad she underestimated it. He was looking forward to this encounter.

Suddenly, heavy footsteps sound from behind Seth’s hiding spot. Seth turned while still trying to stay hidden, and finally saw Hendra properly for the first time.

She was wearing an extravagant dark fur cloak, her features pointed and heavily overdone with makeup.

One of the many mangy crows sits on her shoulder, slouched crossly. “I wonder where that boy might be? Surely not behind the tree?”

Seth grins to himself, knowing she knew exactly where he was, and was glad she did.

Seth hears Hendra’s heavily heeled shoes struggling through the snow, coming ever closer- Hendra was on her way towards him.

In one quick movement, she pulls herself around the tree and grabs Seth by the throat. He knows he has hardly any time, so he pulls up his sleeve and presses a little red button on the side of his watch. A powerful jet of water pushes up from the middle of the watch face, hitting his target precisely on the nose.

Hendra screams with agony, and begins to melt.

Soon, all that is left is a little puddle and a fur cape.

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