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space craft special edition 2017

The Challenger

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Aditya | 9 NSW


Seth started running among the trees, his feet were barely touching the snow beneath and he was thinking about Helen and Mike.

What happened to them? If the others got them as well, hopefully not.

Mike is too small to help himself. His body is weak, but his brain works like a computer.

If he and Helen are together they can take care of each other, but they work best when all three of them are together. They have to win this game to survive, to live and to earn money for their Arena.

Yes, here everyone belongs to an Arena. They love their people, live, fight and die for their Arena.

Every year one group of challengers win the annual games to bring name, fame and money to their Arena and people from other Arena are always enemies, not strangers but known, dangerous enemies.

Especially people of Destruct Arena, that’s where Hendra belongs to.

She and her mates Henry and Victor, they all are strong, mean and vicious. Its now his responsibility to find his team and to reach to end of the game field without getting seriously hurt.

He finds the tallest tree and starts climbing to look for his mates and the other teams. Teams from Hope Arena and Believe Arena are already out of the game and all credit goes to Hendra, Henry and Victor.

He can see Mike and Helen slumped on the far ground and Victor is going in their direction followed by Hendra and Henry.

Seth climbs down quickly and start running towards them. His fast pace helped them once again as he reached Mike and Helen and got them up and running towards the hill.

They might see them while running up, but it will be difficult for Hendra and team to follow them on hills. They reached uphills panting and found a cave to rest. They all are sapped out of energy so sleep comes as soon as they lie down.

He is dreaming now. Dreaming of winning, dreaming of happiness, dreaming of home.

It’s a bliss.

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