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How the Lion became King

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Christian | 10 VIC


“Hey!” said the frog. “We need an animal to take control of the jungle.”

“Yes we do need to have one,” said the giraffe.

“It will be called the King of the jungle,” said the frog.

“Everyone calm down please, I will think of something,” said the frog.

“We will chose from four animals,” said the frog.

“They will be the lion, the cheetah, the giraffe and the buffalo to decide who will be King,” said the frog.

“I’m very tall,” said the giraffe.

“I’m very fast,” said the cheetah.

“I can jump very high,” said the deer.

“I’m very strong and a tough fighter,” said the lion.

“That’s enough, I have thought of something good to see who will become King,” said the frog very proudly.

“We will have a competition to see who is the toughest fighter of them all,” said the frog.

“That is a great way to see who will become King,” said the lion.

“We will start with the lion and the deer,” said the frog.

Fight. The deer jumped over the lion but the lion caught the deer while in the air and slammed the deer down on the very rough grass. The lion had won.

“Next the cheetah and the buffalo,” said the frog.

Fight. The buffalo charged his horns at the cheetah but the cheetah dodged the buffalo just in time. The buffalo smashed into the tree. The cheetah had won.

“Now it will be the grand final,” said the frog.

Fight. They both charged at each other but the lion tripped the cheetah with his sharp claws.

The cheetah screamed in pain and the lion jumped on top of him demanding the cheetah to surrender.

The lion had won and was crowned The King of the Jungle.

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    This story was very interesting and reminded me of The Lion King. I was wondering who would win!!!

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