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Go SRC!!!

Posted on: January 3rd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Madi | 11 TAS


SRC is the best!

Reading should be fun ( I guess I can’t really say that cause I would read all day if I could)!

I think that the SRC encourages kids all over Australia to do that! I love the blogs and short stories. The book raves and the have your says, oh and don’t forget the gallery!

Thank you to all the people who make Summer Reading Club fun and exciting!

I hope you continue to do the SRC every year and make kids want to read!

I hope you consider everyone’s ideas and opinions.

I hope that next year even more kids will join SRC and make it even bigger and better!

Thanks so much for doing this! GO SRC!!!

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  1. SRC Team says:

    Hello Madi!

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and excitement! We can see that the SRC is something you look forward to and that makes all of the SRC Team super happy to hear.

    Happy reading, all summer long!


  2. Sahansa says:

    SRC is great!

    • Madi says:

      SRC is the best and every kid in Australia should do it! If there is one on in other parts of the world other kids in the world should do it to!

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