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Wonder by R.J Palacio

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Millie | 12 VIC


Hi, I am Millie and today I’m reviewing Wonder by R.J Palacio which we read this term as a class.

Wonder was full of exciting ups and downs.

I really enjoyed this book as it was a real cliff hanger all throughout.

Everyone should learn a lesson from this book as it is okay to be friends with someone even though they are different. It turned out that no one liked him at first but at the end when he won the award everyone started to like him.

August was born with a face deformity and it was a struggle to attend school as he was going for surgeries all the time. He was home schooled by his mother who was a teacher but then his parents decided it was time for school.

He went to Beecher Prep and had two really good friends Summer and Jack. My favourite character was Summer because she ditched her friends for August and all her friends thought she was stupid but she didn’t want to betray him.

August receives a lot of conflict at school and sometimes can’t handle it. I would certainly recommend someone to read this book as it is a great read.

I would rate it 4/5

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