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What happens next!

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Dihansa | 9 TAS


Hendra, Seth’s annoying little sister always had some good pranks up her sleeves to make Seth go bonkers but this ain’t going to happen no more because Seth had thought of a great plan to make Hendra go even more bonkers.

Hendra had just woken up in the family campground to find that Seth wasn’t in his sleeping bag so she ventured a short while and found Seth, but before she could say a word her eyes came across Seth’s plan written in the dirt: Seth’s most victorious prank plan on Hendra. Hendra read and scanned over and over again so that she could ruin Seth’s dumbest plan yet.

Seth knew that Hendra was there, he just didn’t utter a word because part one of his victorious plan had just ended: to get Hendra to read his set up of a plan.

Just before dinner Hendra went to her part of the plan: “ruin Seth’s victorious plan.”

The equipment that was in Seth’s plan was all ready for Hendra to ruin.

“Just as I thought,” whispered Hendra with an evil laugh. She inspected every nook and cranny, everything was completely normal… except for one thing: Why was there a very lovely drawn picture of her on a dainty little hook?

Hendra pulled on the hook and then Zap! Out of nowhere Hendra got electrified. She took a step back and Whoosh! She was attached to Seth’s rope hanging upside-down on a very weak tree branch.


The tree branch snapped and Hendra lay there for a very short while and woke up to see Seth having his very victorious prank dance and she felt so embarrassed that she never ever played a prank on her big bro, Seth again… until she got bored and started it from the top all over again and again and again this kept on going until they both died!

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  1. Sahansa says:

    Thinking out of the square. I like it!

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