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Things Work Out When You Persevere

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Violet | 11 WA


It was a sunny Monday morning. There was a young man named Arlo sitting inside, all alone. Arlo felt really miserable because everyone he met did something useful and they had a job. All he ever did was get in the way. No one ever said that though. All his friends really enjoyed his company. But he felt the complete opposite. He felt like his friends found him annoying.

To try and make himself more ‘useful’ Arlo decided to try and get a job. Arlo noticed that people who played sport for a job earned a lot of money. There was only one problem that Arlo didn’t really think about. You have to be able to play sport to have it as a job!

Arlo tried a variety of different sports. He tried swimming, running, bike riding and even boxing.

When Arlo tried swimming he sank like a brick. When he tried running he got puffed within the first 5 minutes. And when he tried bike riding he fell over before they even got started! Boxing on the other hand… he got a tooth knocked out. So he quit.

For weeks on end Arlo tried and tried to get a good job. One day he browsed through the job agency website and… Found a job!!! The job was as a chef at a well-known restaurant. There was one problem. He couldn’t tell the orders from the customers apart. Unfortunately he got fired. Arlo walked home slowly that day. He was depressed.

Just when Arlo had lost all hope, he decided to have one last look at the job website. Just as he was about to close the website down a job opening came up. It was a job as an author. Arlo Jumped up and down.

“I finally have a chance to do what I love! I thought I had run out of luck. I love to read and write. This will be perfect. I’ll get that job for sure.” Sure enough Arlo got that job.

He was so happy that he finally got a job. He was also happy because he was going to enjoy it too. In time he wrote some really good books. He even got an award once in a while.

The end

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    So True, You have to try everything to find the perfect thing!!!

  2. Cloe#1 says:

    This is a very cute book, I can relate to forgetting that to play sport you haft to know what your doing!

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