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The Story of The Three Little Girls Show Down

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Mira | 12 NSW


“Mum, can you read us a story before we sleep. Josh and I are really tired,”said Anne.

“Ok, but as long as you sleep right after, here we go,” said mum.

There lived three delightful little girls and they are as generous they can be. Mum and dad where going on an adventure so they had to leave the girls alone. The girls promised they would be good but they needed someone to take care of them. Mum looked on the babysitter list and the first one lived by close, her name was Mumma wolf’e dose. Mum looked at the stars and she was rated by far, so Mum said get ready for a night without us by far.

Dad called Mumma wolf’e dose and called her over. She came in a click right by the door. Mum and dad explained all the rules so Mumma wolf’e dose nodded her head in delight as soon as Mum and Dad left she took of her clothes oh but wait she didn’t need any cause she is a wolf.

Mumma wolf’e dose said to the three little girls rate me on that app for a lovely dinner and a story she can read. The three little girls one by one rated her on the app for a nice dinner and a story to be told.

Mumma wolf’e dose started with her story it was about the three little pigs with a twist. After that story all the girls hid in a place cause they didn’t want to be supper, but the wolf said I will only eat one as long as you guys go by the rules of my showdown.

The girls nodded their heads and demanded a showdown.

The first competition was to make a fort and which ever one she can break first loses 1 out of three lives. If you get to 0 you will be supper.

The girls agreed but were smart enough to out smart the wolf. They all built a fort and added the same features so they all lost a life. In the end they ran out of time. They where all on 0 and the wolf was chasing them. But, the girls took suits from the cupboard and said at the same time, GAME ON!

They trapped the wolf in a different dimension and said,  “Wow! We make a great team!”

The girls took all the other eaten kids out of the wolf and said, “Goodbye Mrs Mumma wolf’e dose.”

They took her out of the babysitting job and said, “Who’s next?”

“It’s GAME ON! said mum. “Oh looks like they’re sound asleep. Now it’s game on, but first where’s my sisters?”

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Funny story!!! Ha Ha

  2. Isabel Ireton says:

    I like how you made the mum tell the story and how you made up the story that the mum says

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