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This is the first time I’ve heard of the Summer Reading Club.

I like how I get to tell others what my favorite books are about and reading what other what other people like.

I love having a chance to win a reward for doing something that is fun!

Our library has some amazing books, I love going there once a week!

Please pick me to win an iPad mini!!!

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    Hi Ryan!

    Welcome to the SRC. We are glad you are enjoying yourself this summer.

    What library do you go to?

    Be sure to do the online quizzes so you can enter the mini iPad draw!

    We look forward to all your comments and book suggestions this summer!

    Keep on reading 🙂

    Hi Ryan
    The SRC is amazing and every year they do so much for kids over Australia to have a great time over the summer and read a lot of books! I love it and this is my second year doing the online club I have done it in library’s for a lot longer! I hope you enjoy this year’s SRC and continue to do it for a very long time!

    Thanks Madi for your thumbs up approval and recommendation of the SRC. We love to see our Club Members return each year and to see them encourage each other to keep reading and visiting their libraries all summer long!

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