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Once by Morris Gleiztman

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Mira | 12 NSW


In, “Once” a book by Morris Gleitzman there is a boy called Felix and he has courage, hope, determination and used to think Adolf Hitler was a good person.

“A little hope goes a long way” said Felix.

Felix has these character traits because he never gives up and always has hope that everything will be just fine. Once, is about Nazis and Jewish people, and Felix is Jewish so his parents tried to protect him by putting him in an orphanage.

Soon Felix found out what the Nazis where doing to Jewish books so he escaped the orphanage and tries to warn his parents.

Felix couldn’t find them but he never gave up. He went to so many places and then he gave up when he found they died.

Felix going through all this meant in the end he almost died. He and his few friends had a little hope.

“Everyone deserves something good in their life at least once,” said Felix.

I love this book it’s astonishing and deserves a chance to be read.

I rate this book 5 stars trust me you can’t get your eyes of this book!

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