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Frozen Out

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Lily | 11 ACT


Everyone is hurt once in a while, everyone, no matter how careful you are. I used to fall off my bike and get scraped knees. My skin would curl like a ribbon used too many times or a scroll of parchment. The red liquid that trickled down my leg would almost be comforting as I knew that it showed that I tried my hardest to succeed. To succeed riding a bike. It all showed persistence. Eventually I learned how to ride a bike without falling and realised that school is the same. Learn to ride it then to love it.

I went through school and ended up in Year 6 my last year of Junior School, the year before high school. I had two best friends; Todd we called him Bear because he loves the animal but is built the total opposite and Jessica. Jessica is awesome she is called Mrs Google by her teacher because she knows everything.

We have been best friends since Year 2 and we are like the glue to our year group – if we break up then everything does. We are a part of all the groups and clubs in our school, except the bully club. I love animals as well and that’s why we named Bear one. Jessica is awesome at subjects so we can rely on her for the facts about class or how to work out a problem in school or outside at home. Nothing could stop our friendship from staying as one, not until now.

I was walking out of the bathroom one day when I noticed that Jessica was talking to Melissa, the most popular girl in school, and they were exchanging something. Jessica took off her friendship bracelet that we both gave each other and put on one that Melissa gave her. They were becoming best friends. For a moment I was happy, we would have a new best friend. Then I realised that Jessica had thrown the one I had given her away in the bin.

Part of our group broke.

Todd threw away his shark tooth necklace I gave him. They were freezing me out, no one was my friend any more. A sickening feel arose in my stomach. This was bad.

Bear and Jessica don’t talk to me anymore they hang around different people no one sits with me at lunch.

It feels different from bullying. It’s like they won’t speak to me at all or I’m in a different world speaking another language they don’t understand. I am not the sharpest tool in the shed so I don’t understand a lot of concepts but I know what’s happened. They have betrayed me, frozen me out. My worst fear has come true.


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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    This story is so true!!!! Something similar happened to me in year 2.
    One question though, is this a true story?

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