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Bullying Must Stop

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Lily | 11 ACT


It was like any other day, the air was crisp and the grass exerted a beautiful CRUNCH sound when it was heavily trodden on by school students walking towards the dreaded school grounds. A few kids were happy to go back, ready to see the excited looks on their friends faces, or simply just to get back into the routine of going to school after two months off.

There was one boy that was especially excited to go to school as he would get to do the subjects he missed, meet his new teacher and finally get a brand new locker for all his belongings. His name was Karan, a slightly small ginger haired boy who wore glasses. Karan was just a bit different from everyone else. He was also probably the happiest kid in the town because he had just come back from a trip to Japan.

Last year Karan was in Grade 5 and was a straight A student which meant that he was also on the honour role. Being on the honour role had its ups and downs, for example Karan would get 10 percent reduction off the price on the foods at the canteen and could borrow up to 15 books from the library when everyone else could only borrow 10. The worst part about being an A student is that Miller was always after you.

Miller was the typical school bully, a large boy that could crunch a walnut in his chubby fist and would give you a wedgie so bad you could taste your underwear. He was also a complete failure at school and was, to put it politely, just a bit thick. He could barely count to 10 and had never borrowed a single book from the library because he wasn’t a strong reader.

He picked on Karan because Karan was weaker, smaller, smarter and most importantly a better person than he was. Part of it also was because Miller wanted Karan’s homework rather than doing his own, which was usually an F for failure. Miller would pick on Karan because he was extremely nasty and spiteful.

Karan would usually be found aching in pain after Miller had made barbed comment or winded him when he lashed out. Sometimes Karan tried to say something back to Miller but he would usually catch up to a panting Karan almost asking for the knuckle sandwich to be over. But not today, Karan had outwitted and out ran Miller and was now in the safety of his home.

‘I’M GOING TO GET YOU CARROT!’ screamed Miller. Karan knew that tomorrow would be a horrible day.

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  1. Madi says:

    Is this in parts? Great story!

  2. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Horrible!!!!!! Poor kid, its sad to think that this actually happens in the world. Just because people aren’t the same, it dosen’t mean you have pick on them!

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