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A hard goodbye

Posted on: January 2nd, 2018 by SRC Club Member - Jennifer | 13 NT


“KATIE!” yells my mum from the kitchen.

“Coming,” I reply.

Oh, hi reader, I didn’t see you there, anyway, I should probably introduce myself. To start with, my name is Katie, I have an older brother named John and a younger sister named Isabella. My father’s name is Peter and my mother’s name is Esther.

I am 13 years old, my brother is 15 and my sister is 8.

So this story starts on a school-day, it’s early morning and I’m about to miss the bus, that’s why my mum was calling my name.

I grab my backpack off my bedpost and run down stairs to the door before mum says, “Katie, wait your forgetting your lunch again.”

I almost always forget my lunch, good thing I have my mum to remind me. She’s amazing.

I run back and grab my lunch.

“Thanks mum!”

“You’re welcome Kate,” she replies. Mum calls me Kate sometimes.

I race back to the door, with my lunch this time, and run out to the bus.

It’s just pulling up.

“Perfect timing,” I say just as the door opens, I jump in and walk up to the back to find my best friend Audrey, Audrey is also 13.

I slide into the empty seat beside her.

“So how was your week?” I ask.

“Fairly good,” replies Audrey.

“I even got to go to the water slides this weekend,” she adds.

“Awesome,” I reply. There’s this new water park in our town that just opened, it has huge water slides and I’m looking forward to going sometime soon.

“Errrrrkkkk” the bus comes to a stop.

I look out the window and see we’ve arrived.

When we get into the classroom we are welcomes by a friendly voice,  “Hello Kate and Audrey” says the teacher, Mrs Grallen.

“Hello Mrs Grallen,” reply Audrey and I.

We take our seats as the rest of the students pour into the classroom.

************Hours later*************

As I’m sitting is Mr Collins class the speaker starts, “Could Katie Moulden please come to the principal’s office, regarding a parents call.”

I walk out of the classroom wondering what could have happened, my parents barely ever call the school, and never to speak to me!!

I walk through the hall with thoughts of what could it be about racing through my mind.

When I get there I see my mother waiting in the office.

“Katie, I have some bad news,” says Mum.

“Oh no, what is it Mum?” I ask.

“When I was cutting up some vegetables for dinner, I heard Macy (our dog) barking. I figured oh she’s just barking at the neighbours dog again, like always. A few minutes later the barking just abruptly stopped, it was strange how it stopped so suddenly, so I went outside to check on Macy.”

“And?” I said, tears ready to pour out of my eyes at any given second.

“When I got outside and saw her she was lying on the ground, I started to call her name and ran over to her, but she just wasn’t moving. I called Peter, and He came home and said that it looks like Macy had passed away.”

“No, no, no, no, no! This can’t possibly have happened. How? Why?” I said, my words muffled by tears and crying.

“It seems she was bitten by a snake,” said Mum.

Mum got up and wrapped her arms around me in a big hug.

“It’ll be okay sweetie” she said reassuringly.

“I….. I just can’t believe…this happened.”

“I know it’s hard dear, It’ll be okay.”

“Okay Mum.”


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  1. Madi says:

    Is this like parts or somethings cause I think it is really good! But would be even better with parts. Just an idea!

  2. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Awesome story, the same thing happened to me! Is this a true story?

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