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Writing A Thrilling Climax!

Posted on: January 1st, 2018 by michael -

Happy New Year everyone. I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you all.

So this week, I’m thinking about writing a thrilling climax. You’re reader is absolutely going to love reading your story if you can keep them on the edge of their seat wondering how it’s going to finish. It’s probably one of the big tests of whether a story is a good’n… having a reader who wants to find out what happens.

It’s true that sometimes we know (or we think we know!) how a story is going to end. If it’s a happy ending for a character that we’ve come to really like, then that’s okay. It’s satisfying for us.

But imagine if you could write a ripper story where the reader just isn’t quite sure how it’s going to end? Have you ever taken a sneaky peak at the last page of a story or book just to see???? Haha – I have… You know it’s a good story if that happens…

So… funnily enough, the best tip about writing a cracker of an ending is to get the first and middle part of the story right. I know, that sounds a bit weird, but if you set your story up really well at the start and in the middle, then it kind of follows that you’ll have a fantastic finish.

Make sure your main character is very much involved as that is the person we’ve come to love – or hate! We need to feel something for this character. If your character can ‘grow’ a bit as a result of their journey or adventure, then that’s really good. Publishers will really admire you if you can do that.

And if you can put a bit of a twist in there too, well…. WOW… that is a huge bonus. A twist is something that we just didn’t see coming. A surprise. It makes us want to go back and read your story again. Because you’ve been so clever, you’ve maybe popped in a couple of little clues that we didn’t pick up!!

One more thing; not sure about you, but I like a story that ends and tidies things up a bit so you’re not left wondering. Of course, it’s entirely up to you, but I feel a bit cheated if I have to make my own conclusions. (Maybe I’m just a bit lazy!!)

Well, have you got any tips about what makes a good ending to a story? Please do share on the blog!

Byeee, Michael


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  1. Jack says:

    When I call it a good story it has a nice ending maybe the characters find new friends or just one friend. If the story is not about the good kids and adults and it’s about naughty kids it’s better that the bully get s punished.

    • michael says:

      Hi there Jack, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I like the idea of yours that stories can end with friends finding new friends because this can then lead to new adventures. Actually that’s just what’s happening with a story I’m writing at the moment!! Michael

  2. Sahansa says:

    Hi Michael!
    I think a good ending is one that
    1. Leaves the reader thinking and wanting more
    2. Is unpredictable
    3. Has a plot twist
    4. The hero doesnโ€™t win
    5. Ties up loose ends
    Happy New Year!

  3. Sahansa says:

    Ciao Michael!
    Pop Quiz:
    1. What is your fav Harry Potter book and why?
    2. If you could do any sport, what would it be?
    3. What is your fav movie?
    4. What is your fav book?
    5. Do you have an idol? If you do, who is it?

    • michael says:

      Hey there Sahansa – righto…
      1. Hard to say as I haven’t read them all but I’m a bit nostalgic so I’ll go with the first one…
      2. I’d run – a 5km run – super fast!
      3. Notting Hill (oldy but good)
      4. So hard to answer this… The Go Between? Lord of the Rings? It kind of depends a bit on where I’m at in life; what I’m doing…
      5. I don’t think I do… so right back at you… do you have an answer for No 5?

      Hey – would anyone else like to have a go at Sahansa’s pop quiz??
      M ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Madi says:

    Hi Michael
    My tip is that if it is a series keep everyone guessing but at the end of the series explain everything! Sorry but I can’t think of much to say a t the moment!
    Happy new year!

    • michael says:

      Hey there Madi – Happy New Year to you too… did you see some fireworks somewhere nearby where you are? Or on TV? I heard mine (well, the town’s, not actually mine!) Yes… keeping people guessing is good… very good… Talk soon! Michael ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Tessa Knight says:

    Hi Michael,
    I think a good ending to a story is one that leaves the reading wondering what would have happened next. a story, that when you have read the last pages, leaves you holding the book with the bitter-sweet feeling that comes with knowing how the story finishes. I love books that leave you in suspense. I also like endings that leave the hero with mixed feelings about what has just happened.

    • michael says:

      Hello Tessa, so good what you’ve written. The absolute ideal for an author for sure and you’ve described it so beautifully too. I especially like your last sentence; that’s really interesting because it means it’s maybe not turned out exactly the way the reader expected it would. Thanks heaps Tessa, Michael

  6. Paul says:

    Hello Michael,
    What I believe makes a good ending is a strong climax to finish. Also, a great ending to a story is one which slowly unravels all the unanswered questions which had you guessing along the way and helps everything make sense.
    Thanks! Paul.
    P.S. I really like your BBL book series because it is all about kids getting the opportunity to play T20 cricket matches. I love the T20 cricket competition.

    • michael says:

      Hi there Paul, thanks for your comments. Love the word unravel that you’ve used… such a good way to describe how a good ending works. Hey, thanks also for your kind comments about my BBL books. I had so much fun writing them! Michael

  7. Aditya Surana says:

    for me a good ending is which left you in suspense of thinking about what comes next??? MOST OFTEN I HAVE SEEN SEQUELS ARE NOT UPTO THE MARK LEVEL AS THE FIRST BOOK. for me a good story is where you are waiting eagerly for next book to read.

    • michael says:

      Hi Adirtya, I have to agree with you with that… so often sequels aren’t quite up to the standard you want. Sometimes, it’s better I think if you have a big BIG idea for a story or film, then break it up into parts so it flows and stays interesting… kind of like Harry Potter!

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