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space craft special edition 2017

What to do next?

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kelsea | 12 QLD


He started to cut the rope with his teeth.

He gnawed and gnawed thinking of the rats he had watched in a horror film the one where they bit through the electrical cord before being shocked and killed from a live electrical wire.

Seth was alive he eventually started to escape and he started to crawl heading north.

Hendra played a funny game of trying to keep Seth out of the way, but he was not going to be forgotten.

He knew that the compass held in his sock could help him with heading further away from the south as possible and further away from Hendra and anymore schemes she would likely come up with to slow him down.

Hendra was holding Seth’s tools but not his compass.

There was a monster in the woods and little did Hendra know that Seth had met the monster, the very same monster from under his bed when he was six years old.

As Seth crawled along the flock of skinny crows multiplied becoming vicious, and attacking him, attracted by the noise he’d made by falling with a thump onto the ground.

The crows made Seth’s head bleed as they flew at him in the centre of the top of his head.

Seth began to cry and within minutes Hendra spoke to him as she jumped off the dirt buggy.

Hendra returned to find her captive escaping, and she was not in a good mood.

The day was nearly done and the forest was looking darker and very eerie.

“I left your hands untied to give you an opportunity to save yourself, and I returned because I wanted to know how brave you are.”

Seth loudly yelled, “I don’t think we can be friends again after the way you left me, the main thing is you came back and maybe now we can save ourselves from the monster living in the forest.”

A bellowing unfriendly noise came from the forest, Seth and Hendra looked at one another and just as Seth and Hendra went to hug the monster thudded towards them coming from the forest.

GAME ON Monster we will outrun you together.

Seth and Hendra lead the monster to the rope tied up his waist to the tree and left him to the crows.

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