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space craft special edition 2017

The Gap of Missing Love

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Imogen | 9 WA


Chapter 1: Heart Town

Hi my name is Har, I have a big sister names Hor and a little brother named Her.

My mum Tarisa is a Heartong. My dad Ter is a hairdresser.

I live in Heart Town and go to Horundus school. I am in year 8 and have 2 friends, Hoe and Hoena.

My teacher Tonting is very colourful and kind.


There’s never any earthquakes but people always look for trouble. Every minute of the day there is a crash or a robbery.

People always go on T.V. to look at the news and see “What’s happened today?”


Chapter 2: The odd day at school

We walked into class and what we saw was unexpected. Our teacher was wearing black and grey, not red, green and purple all at once.

Her temper was high, she had a serious face, but overall we did the same fun activities.

Fun yet angry and wearing black and grey just doesn’t go.

“I have to figure out what happened to her, then know how to fix it.” I whispered to Hoe.

“Arenacra!” shouted the teacher.

“And fix her voice. I can’t understand what she’s saying.” Hoe replied.


After school Hoe and I walked home talking about how to fix our teacher, “So, have any ideas Har?” Hoe asked.

“Hmmm…Yes! My mum can help she is a Heartong!” I replied with joy.

I ran straight home.


Chapter 3: The crash and the long walk

I opened the door and ran inside, quickly found mum and told her about our teacher.

“Honey, honey there’s only one antidote for that; it’s found in the place never to be entered or spoken of, here take this lamp and map.” She said “You’re looking for a happy cheerful place.”

I took the objects and left. On the way to Hoe’s house, sadly there was a crash. “Sorry Ma’am” the officer said “another two deaths.” What I saw was impossible. The two people that had died were Hoe and her mum. A tear fell from my eye.

I sadly walked to Hoena’s home but then remembered that she had gone on a camping trip for 3 weeks. I sighed, it looks like I’ll have to find the things I needed on my own.

Three hours later I was at the castle, it was tall and rainbow coloured. It had a sign saying “Love Me”. I walked into the creepy castle and there I saw them, the seven love heart rocks. I took two and walked home.


Chapter 4: Heart Town

When I got home I smashed the rocks together into a glass bowl, added a teaspoon of water and a pinch of bath salts. I poured it into a love heart shaped bowl and put it in the oven. An hour later the cake was ready and I smoothed white icing on the cake and sprinkled 100’s and 1000’s on top and left it to set overnight.

In the morning after breakfast I took the cake and ran to school. When I got to class I gave the cake to my teacher.

She took one look at the cake and said “ ble ble”. She took a bite.

I watched astounded as her clothes changed into a colourful rainbow. “Hey” said the teacher “who made that cake? It’s disgusting but fizzy”.


After school I asked mum, “Mum you know when you said there’s only one antidote, what sickness did she have?”

Mum turned and said “It’s not a sickness, she had a Gap of Missing Love.”

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    Weird but in a good way, i love it!!!!!

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