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space craft special edition 2017

The Beast

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Alina | 11 NSW


Warily, Leonia Smyth crept though the orphanage, quiet as a mouse. Creak. A rickety floorboard shifted under her weight. Rapidly, a monstrous beast leapt out at her. Leonia woke with a start.

“Leonia?” someone shook her vigorously. “Leo, are you okay?”

“Nightmare,” Leonia gasped, her gold eyes shining with terror.

“Again? This is the third time this week!” Aria Cumana’s face came into view.

“It’s the same one, always the same one.”

“Girls?” called a strict voice from the hallway.

“Mrs Barker,” Aria mouthed.

She lay down and tried to sleep. Leonia followed her. The door swung open…

“That was so close, Leo,” Aria whispered as the girls walked to breakfast.

“I know,” Leonia replied. But even Aria couldn’t help her anymore. Every night the beast came closer and closer. Leonia was dreading the day that she would not

be able to escape its clutch. She joined the rest of the orphanage at the table. Mrs Barker called the roll.




“Here Mrs Barker!”


“Here!” Leonia replied. Mrs Barker stared coldly at her before returning to the roll. Suddenly, the ground shook…

“Earthquake!” Someone yelled. The dining room collapsed into panic. A roar tore through the commotion.

“I don’t think that’s an earthquake!” Leonia screamed as a wall crashed. Something shoved its head into the hall. It was huge. Black hair covered its body, except for a mouth of razor-sharp teeth and two blood-red eyes.

“The beast,” Leonia gasped.

As everyone ran from the hall, Leonia stayed to confront it.

“Hey, Ugly!” she yelled. “Why don’t you fight someone your own size?”

The monster aimed a blow at her.

“Too slow for me!” she blew a raspberry at it, swishing her short, auburn hair. It roared. She grabbed a sharp piece of debris and was about to throw it but then she realized something. The beast was wearing a necklace. A shiny, diamond necklace.

“How odd,” Leonia thought. She reached up and sliced through it with the piece of wall. The beast exploded into millions of tiny pieces. Everything went black…

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    WOW i was so hooked, are you going to right a end to it!!!!!

  2. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Whoops wrong right.

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