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space craft special edition 2017

The Alien

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kiera | 10 VIC


‘Woof! Woof!’ my dog, Flash, barked as he chased the bright red frisbee across the park. He caught it in his mouth, then pranced back to me, waving his tail under the other dogs’ noses.

Flash dropped the frisbee at my feet and I was just about to throw it for him again when a UFO appeared above us.

A green beam appeared, and Flash started floating up.

‘NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ I shouted, and threw the frisbee at the UFO. The UFO came crashing down to Earth, and a big purple alien came out of it.

‘GARGLOBMENTOMPAGORITORY!’ it said. ‘Give us back our dog.’

‘Your dog!?’ I exclaimed. ‘That means Flash is an alien!’

“Not just any alien,’ said the alien. ‘Flengo is the alien king.’

‘Flash is a better name than Flengo,’ I replied. ‘And you can’t take my dog.’

‘Then I challenge you to a series of competitions,’ the alien smiled. ‘First, a tightrope walking competition.’

I failed the tightrope walking competition. I fell off in the first 10 seconds.

‘You get to choose the second event,’ said the alien.

I chose dog training, and I won, because the alien didn’t have a dog (that was the only reason I chose dog training).

‘Now,’ announced the alien. ‘We will have a Mario Cart battle!’

With a snap of his fingers the alien made a couch, TV and a Wii appear.

We played Mario Cart, and I beat the alien by 1 second.

Flash was mine to keep.

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    I am glad that the alien didn’t get flash!!!

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