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Practice Makes Champions

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kelsea | 12 QLD


“Practice, practice and practice, you know……… that’s why I coach,”Coach Skechers gazed up at the clouds with amazement.

“I feel so proud of the results that came in after last weekend. The judges have their job, sitting up on the table with pens and paper whispering in quiet voices to colleagues. The water-boys and water-girls may run around the oval mopping up cuts and sweaty foreheads, the ambulance and paramedics need to be prepared for sprains, breaks, and injuries and the mighty spectators always cheer and roar and add enthusiasm to those close games. As for me, I’ll remain the most proudest coach of the team “Wild-soet’s Kelsea Koalas” sighing with exhaustion, Coach Skechers continued talking.

“Who won???” I heard you. “Ask louder I repeat, we did we did we did we won. Who lost??? I heard you, not us, no sore-headed losers on this side.”

The day started out with a huge breakfast for the junior mixed rugby union grand-final players. Down at the park with the bacon, sausages, eggs and milk and the “no toast” said the coach “bread is no good for champions.”

The extremely hungry team dug into the food so they could get enough energy to win the game. “I know what it takes to win a grand-final,” piped up Jack. “Lots of energy food and energy drink and practice, practice and you’ll be ready for the game. The team had been training for three years.

Each year the players worked hard but were never ready to win the big one. There were always excuses.

“I’m going on holidays, I won’t be around,” said Gregory.

Jim said, ”my shoes broke and a nail went into my toe. I’m sidelined.”

Bruce says, ”I tried my hardest but it wasn’t enough.”

This year the coach said, “Game on boys and girls it’s time to show the opposition what it is we are made of.”

Coach Skechers started to sing the Australian National Anthem he sang this song because koalas are Australian, and the name of the junior rugby team. A few of the boys and girls knew the anthem and chimed in, “for we are young and free… Australians all let us rejoice.”

“You know what, no more excuses and I’ve had enough of not being able to beat the other team at grand-final time. Let’s do what the coach says he’s always on our side,” said Stefanie getting all worked up and running around the breakfast table patting the team on the back and shoulders.

Naomi said, “ We have the best coach in the rugby side and tomorrow is our teams turn to celebrate a grand-final win. Game On to Wild-soet’s Kelsea Koalas !!! Game On to Coach Skechers !!! and Game On to the other side.”

It’s been three years between playing in a grand-final and winning a grand-final.

With just four minutes left on the clock and Coach Skechers almost unable to contain his excitement the Wild-soet’s Kelsea Koalas were ahead when the other side pulled a dirty trick.

A team player pretended to be hurt with a rolled ankle and called for time-out. It’s GAME ON yelled the coach, not time-out, dirty tactics couldn’t help the losing side.”

Yeah yeah yeah,” cried the boys and girls “the coach is right it’s Game on,” suddenly the whistle blew and the ball went back into play landing over the try line.

“I know what it takes to win a grand-final,” screamed Jack and he grounded the ball to score.

Roaring, the grand-final winning team held up a huge trophy they won.

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