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space craft special edition 2017


Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Jasmine | 10 QLD


One fine morning I was gaming with lego dimensions with my brother. I had every character but Unikitty and extremely wanted her. Mum always told me not to wish for things I don’t need but at this point I was desperate. So I wished for Unikitty over and over but had no luck I was starting to get disappointed and impatient. After waiting and waiting I decided to give up but…

All of a sudden there was a cyclone forming around me and my brother. All of a sudden I felt stiffer than usual and it was because I WAS A CHARACTER IN LEGO DIMENSIONS! AND DRAGGED MY BROTHER WITH ME. I started to wish I never asked for this but it was too late for that now. My brother said that he “thought it was cool” But I didn’t. After that I finally realised that if I am in here someone is bound to play me!! I panicked then all of a sudden someone was making me run and jump I though I was Higher than ever before.

I finally thought this wasn’t that bad after all and was played with for hours and hours. After that I found a vehicle it was my own. Now I know I’m not old enough to drive but who cares! I loved it because it felt like I was flying. For some weird reason I felt stiff again it was because the player stopped playing?

I felt a cyclone again and then was transported back to my house.

Well there’s always tomorrow.

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Wacky story it is so cool

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