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space craft special edition 2017


Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Saskia | 10 NSW


“Hhmm” sighed Jim, it had been over a week since he last saw his mum. She’s bound to come back soon, wasn’t she?

The last time he had seen her she had said she was going to the post office, and that it would only take a day or two. But that was a week ago. Jim and his mother had been living on a hill for as long he could remember. They had so many adventures… But now the only things he cared about were finding his mum, and keeping the farm alive.

“Come on Jim, you are fourteen now, pull yourself together” he muttered. He needed to make a plan and fast. He could already here the booming thunder and see the dreadful flash of lightning. The cattle needed moving and the sheep needed to be put in the shed, how was he going to do this as well as find his mother?!!

Right let’s do this properly he thought, he went into Supple Jack, the grey stallion’s paddock and saddled him up and turned his elegant head toward the gate that lead to the cattle area. Carefully he urged Supple Jack toward the first cow. Supple Jack reluctantly listened and pushed it through the gate. It went like this for at least an hour and half straight, until finally every cow, calf and bull were through the gate and under the covered area. Supple Jack was already covered in fine layer of sweat, thought Jim, how could he do another hour and a half of mustering to get all the sheep in???

By the time Jim and Supple Jack had mustered all the sheep and put them away in the shed Supple Jack was breathing hard and was covered in a thick, sticky coat of sweat and Jim barely able to keep his eyes open!

When Jim woke up he straight away started panicking, but then he realised he had only one task to do and that was to find…

“Hey, glad you’re awake Jim, thanks for moving the animals, that was a huge job all on your own! Sorry I took so long, I decided to stay in town for a few extra nights so I could do the groceries and buy some fencing gear.”

It took Jim a few moments to realise that his mum had come back in the night!!!!!

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