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space craft special edition 2017

Hendra’s Folly

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Callan | 9 NSW


Seth shivered, and it wasn’t just the cold.

The thought of Hendra waiting in between the tree trunks really scared him. As he gained his bearings, he saw it. His laser, lying amidst the grove of gnarled trunks.

As he walked forwards to retrieve it, he wondered if it was all a trap, a lure to bring him in. But he chided himself, it was far too late to turn around and run now – he was already among the bushes.

He darted forward and grabbed it, checking for damage, then was off at a run, ducking the low branches and dodging the various bushes looming before him.
The forest itself seemed to be resenting him, trying to trap him in its maze of snow, trees and dead bushes, but still he ran, fuelled by his anger and the thoughts of revenge flitting around in his head.

Soon he found evidence he was on the right track – the broken twigs, snapped and bent undergrowth and footprints were a pretty good hint.

Although Seth didn’t notice, the forest around him was growing less forbidding step by step and he snow, also, was less slippery and easier to walk through.

He eventually emerged into a glade, and there was Hendra.

She had her back to him, apparently setting another trap, but he saw.


She spun round looking guilty, but quickly hid it.

“Back off!” she snapped, as Seth took a step forward and she stumbled backward – straight into the trap she had prepared for Seth.

When Seth walked out of the ring of trees a short time later, someone was hanging from their ankles, unconscious.

And it wasn’t him.

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  1. Tessa Knight says:

    I really like the way you wrote this . The story works really really well. Good Job!!!!

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