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Don’t Be Late for the Competition! It’s GAME ON!

Posted on: December 29th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Vienna | 7 QLD


“It’s on in two minutes mum,” Daisy held her breath.

“No, no don’t worry it starts in thirty-two minutes, peanuts, more like half an hour.”

Peanuts is what my whole family calls me as a nick name. When my family call me peanuts, it means they are busy doing something or as my brother Shaun said, “busy doing nothing.” He thinks he’s hysterical.

Right now, mum and dad were lost. Both them were busy working out how to get to the hall using a GPS in the car.

“If you’d all brushed your teeth and dressed in a hurry, then begin helping your mum to pack the car we might be there on time,” said Dad.

Sofie said,” where are we going so early mum, I want to watch the cartoons on the television, my i-pad needs charging?”

Sofie my little sister didn’t worry about things too much, she had 3 sisters and 2 brothers to help her do everything.

Today is the day of the competition, I was so excited I was nearly about to cry.

Baton twirling takes a lot of time to get ready, but mum had fixed my hair with sparkles and shiny pins at the back, way back at the place we stayed in, it was such a long drive.

My shoes were clean and my costume was blue with a long tail with more sparkles on it.

The GPS told us we had arrived.

“Whew, now to find a car park don’t panic.”

We drove around and around and around, dad decided it was a good idea to drop mum and I off at the front door of the hall.

We went inside and the music was playing loudly, all the kids in the competition were warming up throwing the baton to the ceiling and twirling it around to keep their fingers warmed up.

With no time to spare I ran onto the floor, my name was being called. I was first up to do my twirl dance.

Silently I kissed dad an air kiss for getting me here on time.

I took a deep breath, I said to myself “I can win, I can win” then I went up on to the stage.

I looked at my mum and she was going crazy clapping and pointing at me and everyone could see me and I whispered, “stop it mum.”

It was a jungle song, and I was a monkey, a sparkly blue monkey.

My costume was great, I did everything in time to the music, I didn’t drop my baton and I had pointed toes and that’s why they chose me to win.

When I won and came first place, my parents were so happy.

I was awarded the biggest trophy from the trophy cabinet.

Mum said that “happiness should be shared and we should celebrate” and she got aeroplane tickets to visit my Aunty.

I think that when you try your best anything is possible and I still cannot believe that I won the hugest trophy.

At the times when I don’t feel like being in competitions, I go ahead and join in that way there is always a chance the winner can be me.

Game on to me is that I have to win.

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  1. Saskia Fitzgerald says:

    Very inspiring story , just what I feel like when it’s state Cross- Country

  2. Isabel Ireton says:

    Nice story very good
    Great writing
    Is English your best lesson?

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