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What’s Cooking Next

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Vienna | 7 QLD


Dear SRC

I have the very very best idea for the kids.

I would love to do a cooking theme in the summer reading club. Writing about receipes and what goes into receipes and menus especially around christmas. At home we watch the cooking shows on tv, like dad watches the men chefs cooking poultry and meat and foreign delicacies, mum watches the cakes and sweets programs and my sister and brothers watch masterchef and junior cooking classes.

So if we made the SRC a place to write about cooking, food, receipe and different countries it would be a great place to learn about other nations and how much they love to eat. It would also be a good idea to write and learn how to spell name of food.

Just writing the word receipe is tricky.

From Vienna.

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  1. SRC Team says:

    Hi Vienna,

    Thank you for your ideas!

    The SRC Team will definitely add this to their ideas box!

    We hope you will think of GAME ON as a call to cooking action too! You don’t need to wait for a cooking themed club to share you love of food and recipes.

    You can share your ideas through a cooking short story, or send a drawing of your favourite recipe to the Gallery!

    We’ll be waiting 🙂

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