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Unicorns and Rainbows

Posted on: December 28th, 2017 by SRC Club Member - Kelsea | 12 QLD


Can we have a unicorns and rainbows theme one year where the stories are set in mythological times.

Unicorns are unknown creatures who turn up at times in peoples lives when sunshine is needed.

Also this theme could be at the same time as the theme of the Gods and Titans in mythological era my brother Jack loves, like for the boys and girls to both be able write great stories.

One of the first SRC my family ever joined in was on creatures from the mythological times I really want to write about that topic again.


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  1. SRC Team says:

    Thanks Kelsea for your suggestions.

    The SRC Team will definitely add these to their ideas box for next year’s club.

    We hope you will still write about unicorns and send us pictures of mythological beasts even if the theme is not specifically about these wonderful creatures!

    Game On could be the starting point for a story about a stadium filled with mythical creatures all trying to earn golden prizes? Who knows… it’s all up to you!

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